Differences in car engine with the fuel system of gasoline and diesel

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Currently the system has two vehicle gasoline engines and diesel engines. Any difference between the gasoline fuel system with vehicles using diesel fuel systems. Diesel cars we know the vehicle engine that uses gasoline and engine vehicles using diesel fuel or diesel. What are the advantages and disadvantages of two fuels. How does the system work fuels gasoline and diesel fuel / diesel. For ordinary people the possibility engines distinguish more confused.

Basically, both the fuel system that uses gasoline and diesel is almost similar. Engine vehicles (cars) function converts chemical energy into mechanical energy (energy of motion) which in turn drive the piston is transmitted to the wheels, so that all four wheels of the car to move forward or backward. See how to park the car into reverse .


The fundamental difference between the gasoline engine and the diesel engine is the explosion in the combustion chamber (combustors):

Mobil petrol fuel: gasoline mixed with clean air in the carburetor system and then sprayed into the combustion chamber and compressed (compressed) by a piston which is then ignited by sparks issued by a spark plug.

Car diesel fuel: compressed air (compressed) first and then fuel injected. Air experiencing compression into heat which is then burned diesel fuel (diesel oil). There is one thing that may be surprising, because the diesel engines do not require spark plugs. In the latest generation of petrol cars introduced fuel injection system previously used carburetor. Learn how to work the system injection petrol cars .


But the car diesel fuel and gasoline at the same car using a four stroke combustion cycle (four-stroke engine), namely:

  1. The intake stroke: When the intake valve opens, the piston moves down and perform step suction.
  2. Compression stroke: when the piston moves upward perform compression (compress).
  3. Combustion (stroke): When the piston moves upward almost reached the peak (when appropriate) fuel injected and there was burning, but it is more accurately described the explosion and consequently the piston is pushed down rapidly.
  4. Flue gases: Piston back up and get rid of gas toward the exhaust and suction re doing.

Movement of No. 1 to 4 referred to as a four-step and movement is very fast. The fuel system on a car is often referred to as the internal combustion due to take place indoors (combustion chamber).

Mobil petrol Car diesel fuel
A low level of fuel efficiency High level of fuel efficiency
Fuel wasteful More efficient fuel
Smooth engine vibrations A larger engine vibrations
using plugs Do not use spark plugs
often problematic rarely troubled
For small vehicles For large vehicles
Volume Engine (CC) smaller Volume Engine (CC) is greater
Using a small ampere battery Using a larger ampere battery
Price cheaper vehicles The price is more expensive vehicle
Easy machine maintenance Machine maintenance more difficult

The level of gasoline car fuel efficiency is relatively lower when compared to the level of car fuel efficiency of diesel, because diesel compression more perfect. Thus of course the use of diesel fuel becomes more efficient. However, diesel cars require fuel injection system more perfect. Due to the diesel cars have a better level of efficiency, the vibration and engine noise are also more rugged.

Because they have more complete combustion, the metal material used in diesel cars is also charged nicer and heat resistance, so that the price of diesel cars is also on top of the price of petrol cars. Likewise, larger diesel car engines, so it must use a larger battery anyway.

Because diesel cars have great power, the diesel fuel is most suited to the kind of large vehicles such as trucks and buses. It is inconceivable if the truck wearing a gasoline fuel, using petrol of course is very large and it was a waste.

Download Cheat 8 Ball Pool Long Line Long Line Gallery

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Game 8 ball pool is one of the most widely facebook game in the interest of many Facebook users, this game played online with any Facebook user. 8 ball pool hack for beginners may be slightly feel difficulty in entering all the balls especially when faced with playing a formidable opponent.

8 ball pool cheat latest 1

Well for beginners and long play but often lost, now you do not have to worry anymore we will use underhanded way in order to continue to win by using Cheat 8 Ball Pool Line Length (Long Line) , with this cheat then the target line will be long so allows us to put the ball-ball.


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Download Program below to cheat line (long line) Cheat 8 ball pool:

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Tutorial How to Use 8 Ball Pool Cheat Line Length:

  1. Download Cheat Engine (if already downloaded directly installed first)
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  4. Once you get in the lobby, do not directly play but enable cheat advance
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  7. Now the cheat is active please you to play, enjoy.


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How to Eliminate Mucus in the throat with Ease

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Tips or to remove mucous in the throat of the following may be very helpful especially for those who often experience. You’ve experienced the presence of the throat mucus or phlegm in the throat. At the time of experience, would be very disturbing comfort and your activities. Therefore, as far as possible you can avoid things that can cause the mucus in the throat.

There are various factors that can cause mucus in the throat, these factors mainly caused by the entry of germs such as bacteria or viruses that infect the respiratory tract. Besides the mucus in the throat can also be caused due to unhealthy environment, dust, smoke, fumes of motor vehicles, weather factors, and food allergies.

How to Eliminate Mucus in the throat with Ease

People who experience a slimy throat usually feel itchy throat, coughing, and breathing becomes impaired. In addition, the mucus in the throat is often accompanied by other symptoms such as fever, headache, muscle pain, and decreased appetite. This is because the germs that infect the respiratory tract.

The presence of mucus in the throat of course makes the airway is not smooth so it needs to be cleaned. By removing the mucus, the breathing becomes more fight and feels more comfortable. Everyone is at risk of developing throat mucus, both children, adults, and the elderly. Circumstances can be worse if the person suffers from a chronic disease that is associated with the respiratory tract, such as tuberculosis, pneumonia, asthma, bronchitis, and so forth.

How to Eliminate Mucus in Throat Naturally

To get rid of mucus in the throat, can use natural way. This natural way in addition to secure, also have properties that powerful and certainly more cost even no cost. Various ways to eliminate mucus in the throat that you can try include the following:

  1. Mucus / phlegm

How to remove mucus in the throat of the most easily is the way out. The trick is to do a proper cough or cough that is often referred to as effective. How to conduct an effective cough is quite easy, that you sit in an upright body position and then prepare a tissue or a container that will be used to collect sputum. Then breathe a deep breath through your nose, hold for a while, and remove it slowly through the mouth. Repeat the breathing exercise for two times. Then in uptake third breath, inhale a deep breath through your nose, hold it until three counts, then batukkan strongly two or three times in a row without taking a breath. At the time of coughing, remove mucus / sputum in a tissue or containers that have been set up.

  1. Ginger

Ginger is one of the types of herbs are believed to cure various diseases, especially of the respiratory tract. So drinking ginger is to remove mucus in the throat as well as to cure cough. How to make the ginger concoction prepared two segments of ginger, wash thoroughly and digepuk so that more fresh aroma out. Enter ginger in a cup of hot water, and add a little sugar as a sweetener. Wait a while until the water is not too hot, then drink this ginger concoction while warm. Drinking regularly 2 times a day, the mucus in your throat will quickly disappear.

  1. Lime

Drinking lemon juice is one way of eliminating mucus in the throat effective. Because besides being able melaegakan refreshing and throat, the content of vitamin C in the lemon able to increase endurance so as to repel the bacteria that causes mucus / phlegm in the throat. How to make it very easy, prepare a lemon and then squeeze the water and mix in one cup of hot water. Add sugar or honey to taste, and drink while warm.

  1. Mint leaves

Mint leaves far has been frequently used as an ingredient in cough medicine phlegm diluent. Therefore, the efficacy of the leaves of this one is certainly not in doubt. How to remove mucus in the throat by using mint leaves are preparing several mint leaves were washed thoroughly and then mix in a glass of hot water. Wait a moment so pervasive, then drink while warm.

  1. Garlic

How to remove mucus in the throat the next one is with garlic. As we all know garlic is one of the plants that are beneficial to health because it contains a natural antibiotic. Garlic was also effective to eliminate the mucus in the throat. It is very easy, you can immediately consume a clove of raw garlic regularly three times a day. The content of antibiotics in garlic can be optimally kill bacteria that cause throat mucus, as well as warm and slightly spicy flavor can also help relieve throat.

  1. Expand the fluid intake

Increase intake of fluids is also a way to eliminate phlegm in the throat because it can thin the mucus in the throat, as well as launch the body’s metabolism. By increasing fluid intake can also increase endurance, so speeding up the healing process of inflammation in the throat. Perbanyaklah cup of warm water to remove mucus in the throat and respiratory relief.

  1. Turmeric

Turmeric is an herbal plant species are known to have health benefits because it contains antibacterial compounds and can boost immunity. Herb turmeric is also effective for eliminating mucus in the throat. How to remove mucus in the throat using turmeric is by setting up several sections of turmeric, peeled and washed clean. After that turmeric grated and extorted to take water. Combine the juice of turmeric in half a glass of hot water and add honey to taste as a sweetener. Wait a moment, then drink while warm.

  1. steam therapy

To get rid of mucus in the throat, you can also use steam therapy. The trick is to prepare hot water in a basin or pan. Mix a few drops of eucalyptus oil in the water. Then bring your face on the container / bowl, and breathe naturally. Then automatically the hot water vapor is mixed with the scent of eucalyptus oil will enter into your respiratory tract. Steam therapy is a way to remove the mucus in the throat effectively so that breathing becomes relieved.

After learning how to remove mucus in the throat as has been described above, you also need to know the preventive measures to avoid the slimy throat. The preventive measures, among others, with the emphasis on eating fruits and vegetables to increase endurance, exercise regularly, and create a clean environment.

Also avoid smoking and stay away from cigarette smoke, and wear a mask when in crowds to prevent transmission or when in areas that contain air pollution. Wearing a mask is also recommended when you are traveling by motorcycle or when cleaning up at home / environment to avoid dust or contamination. If the mucus in your throat stubborn and even arise symptoms get worse, then you should consult a physician in order to know the cause and get proper medical treatment.

8 Ball Pool Hack For Free with Instructions and Features

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The 8 Ball Pool hack for free is already out now in this website. Who doesn’t know this game? A very sophisticated graphic will never let you go out from 8 Ball Pool game. It has been proven that many people are playing this game. This is one of the must-have games in smartphone users these days. Boys and girls are fighting each other to win the game and tournaments. Moreover, they also compete with other players to reach the highest ranks in the game. Where do you think the top or highest ranking players get those coins?

Ball Hack 3


This 8 Ball Pool hack for free has several key features that you shouldn’t ignore after all. My hack offers the gamers with unlimited hack of coins and cashes. If you are still unsatisfied, you can repeat the same instructions to hack the resources once again. It means that my hack truly unlimited. Secondly, some hacks may contain surveys or human verifications. You won’t see those issues while using my hack. It is absolutely free from such annoying system. Last but not least, it is undetectable. The server won’t see anything wrong with your account even though you have used this hack for several times.

How to Use?

To use this 8 Ball Pool hack for free, you have to check the online generator page firstly. After that, you can go entering the username. This hack doesn’t ask you for password. Please remember this in order to avoid any malware or suspicious activity. Then, enter or adjust the cash amounts that you really need. Do the same thing with the coin amounts. Click on the hack button and wait for couple minutes later. The system may collect and confirm the data that you have added on the generator. At last, log in your 8 Ball Pool hack game and see on the top right of it.

Moviestarplanet Hack Android with Easy Tutorial and Beginner Questions

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This MovieStarPlanet hack android is pretty important for you MSP account. If you don’t know what MSP or MovieStarPlanet is, it is one of popular games on Android, Windows, and iOS phones these days. The game leads you to create an avatar, and come in a planet with full of entertainments including movies, games, and many more. You can create, manage, and style your avatar with bunches of accessories or items. In addition, you can also interact with other players all over the world as well. This is easy if you hack the game with full of diamonds, fame and star coins!


How to Hack MovieStarPlanet?

I have simple and easy way to use MovieStarPlanet hack android. Firstly, open the generator page on this website. If you need apk file, you should download it first. I assume that you use the hack generator page. Secondly, choose the type of your smartphone. Are you a user of iOs or Android? Pick the appropriate option. Thirdly, you can fill the next selection with the numbers of diamonds that you want to add into your account. The next selection is the VIP membership. Choose wisely whether you need a month, three months or even a year. Last but not least, you must enter the username. Ensure you have entered the same letters or numbers of your username.


There are absolutely many questions that you will ask before or after using my MovieStarPlanet hack android above. I would try to include here one by one. First off, why do you need wait the hacking process? It is because the server should input the data that you have entered. Then, the system will be matching the data and your username before it adds the resources. The second question is that what if the hack doesn’t work? The answer is simple. You can try again to enter the data on the generator hack.


Good thing Between DSLR and mirrorless?

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DSLR and mirrorless become a major dilemma for someone who wants to change the system or on the contrary, whereas the current trend of cameras mirrorless again are high – high, especially class vendors Sony is specialized makes the camera mirrorless with small size, and whoever falls in love looking at the performance mirrorless already minimal support APS-C up to Full Frame, large Megapixels, supports 4K video recording, even exceeding DSLR.

As is known, there are still many mirrorless format with type sensors MFT ( Micro Four Thirds ) and true mirrorless really – really “kill” the position of a DSLR? Could be yes or may not, depending on whether it is true – true in the existing system has been very maximum DSLR applied to mirrorless.


Best digital camera 2017 – If the dilemma of choosing a DSLR and mirrorless cameras, should know a few things before choosing that fit the needs of photography, not to regret because of this reason and that.

Some things to consider before switching the system in full, as follows:

1. Adjust Photography Needs to be undertaken

Investing in infrastructure and the camera lens is not playing – play, because the funds needed not a little, at least it can be used in a very long time, and if the resale price does not fall very cheap as most smartphones. Whatever profession you worked in photography, focus to one goal and one achievement, to be able to have photographic equipment in accordance with that done.

2. Completeness Lenses and Accessories

If choosing a DSLR and mirrorless by brand, recheck whether the lens and accessories are already available numerous and easily found in the market, and at the moment have the funds many made to add the photography device, can buy the kind of photo equipment with a friendly price, rather than the camera vendor who had little choice , Some vendors still have not actually been sure to add lines of lenses and accessories, for various reasons whether the consumer received a homemade camera or not.

At least a third party that makes lenses and accessories. If now, no need to worry anymore for those who already have a DSLR camera with many lenses, and want to try mirrorless without having to buy the lens again. Already many third party devices provide additional functions using the lens mirrorless DSLR camera, and vice versa.

Read also Tips Strategies Attaching and Removing the Lens Of Camera
3. The Shutter Sound Noisy and Silent

Already from the first if it’s notoriously noisy DSLR camera when taking a picture, there are two voices emerging, that sound ” beep “, ” click ” when the camera is in a state of focus and the camera button once appeared sound of glass up and down to take a picture. It is very disturbing and quite noisy when you take pictures in situations that are very sacred as marriage, custom events and so on.

First-class DSLR camera features a silencer that could deaden the sound of glass up and down to be minimal not noisy. Remarkably, there is a famous brand that has several lines of mirrorless cameras, Olympus is able to muffle the sound of the shutter motion without sound though.

4. Do not Like The Great Camera

For those who like to travel that does not like a great camera and stand out in the crowd, DSLR may not be suitable for. Mirrorless is the second choice for those who like a small camera but has a quality that is equivalent to a DSLR.

5. The Modern Technology

Now mirrorless cameras already on DSLR ya, what is needed? Landscape photos, sports, night up to 4K format video can already be handled mirrorless cameras that do not already have sebagain DSLR. With hundreds focal point of the center of the photo is almost touching the edge of the photo, with the help of a new processor, very fast moving objects easily get the focus.

6. Half Price

Need not be expensive – expensive anyway if want mirrorless cameras, many types really are under 5 million. In addition to its small size, any lens can go, as I described in paragraph 2 points to 2.

Indeed, if you want to move the system should be thought – thought ripe deh aja or pairing with your DSLR camera with its new mirrorless, do complement each other.

Hooq Promises Lower Movies Violating Norms

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Service video on-demand Netflix was at issue in the beginning of its presence. Because the service from Los Gatos, the US is said to have a lot of content in accordance with the norms of Indonesia, such as scenes that show nudity or violence.


Read more: Openload

As a result, the service is blocked by some internet providers in Indonesia, such as Telkom and Telkomsel.

Do not want to suffer the same fate as Netflix, Hooq has their own way. Company joint venture between SingTel, Warner Bros and Sony Pictures Entertainment, admits going to censor films in its library collection.

“We will do the sensors internally, but the process is not easy, there are some people who are ok with some things, but some are not, right? ” Said Khrishnan Rajagopalan, Chief Content and Distribution Officer Hooq, at the launch of the service in Jakarta, Thursday (14/04/2016).

Found separately, Country Head Hooq Indonesia, Guntur S. Siboro confirms that his company is ready to pull the film from the collection if they received a report or a protest that the film does not fit the norm.

“We’ll take down the film, if it gets reports from users that the film is not appropriate,” said Guntur.

Hooq itself now claims to have 1,000 movie titles which 40 of them are movie INdonesia. In addition, Hooq also claims to have around 6,000 episodes of television series. Hooq service can be enjoyed through the mobile application Android , iOS, or via a PC.

How to Disable Auto-Play Video Line

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Short of the line, Line Messenger is the application of social media and instant messaging, application line messenger now has a lot of use by users of smartphones worldwide, an attractive user interface and rich emoticons makes online messenger very enjoy doing, especially by young people.

Not only short messages and emoticons course, in line messenger application also has other features such as games and services in line webtoon read comics.

In line messenger application users can to share the status, photos and video, each post will appear on the time line and can be viewed by all the friends who have joined.

How to Disable Auto-Play Video Line

However taukah you for the video that appears on the timeline it is auto-play or auto-play that makes internet data quota you will quickly run out, even when you do not want to watch it though.

To make a video on the line did not auto-play or otomatia play, you can disable it. The trick please refer to the following steps.

How to disable auto play video on line

# 1. Open the application line messenger
# 2. Then enter the settings menu by tapping the gear icon in the upper right line
# 3. In the settings menu scroll down and find the ” Photos & Videos ” and then tap to open

# 4. There are a few options on photos and videos, to disable the auto-play video on line please swipe off togle button on the “ auto-play videos “, from there you can also disable auto-download of photos, do the same as in auto-play videos ie swipe-off on “ auto-download photos “.

You can also malakukan picture quality settings on an existing line on the ” photos quality (sent) “.
Oh yes, for the uninitiated, the settings menu you can also set the theme chat, notification, and other timeline, please eksplore own yes. May be useful.
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The facade of the house Modern Minimalist Modern and Artistic

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Best Home Decor Ideas Picture and Sofa .Until the end of 2016, the trend of modern minimalist house still survive, and expected, this trend will remain there until 2017. However, a variety of interior and exterior in the area began to appear. Among these is the facade of a modern house minimalist who adopted the style of the exterior in the countries four seasons, namely the outer wall coatings alias siding . However, homeowners in the country using siding more for artistic purposes.

Modern minimalist house with siding mixture (HomeAdore - Pinterest)

The facade of the house Modern Minimalist Trend Latest

Well, if you’re looking for inspiration facade minimalist style for a residential exterior areas of your dreams, here is the style of siding that you can adopt.


Siding bearish pattern with a vertical line is a viable option if you want to ‘juggle’ the outside look of your home without having to incur huge costs and does not require a long time. Siding like this is more easily done, since the pattern rough and the process is not so complicated and detailed. You can install siding on the facade of the front and side of the house to the limit of the window frame.

As shown in the picture above, you can choose siding with matching color with the roof of the house and combine it with a light-colored wall paint. The impression that appear very natural and simple, but does not eliminate the artistic side of the house. You can also circuitry natural stone reliefs on the porch pillars.

Full Siding

In countries 4 seasons, siding usually used to protect the walls from the effects of extreme weather, such as snow. Protective wall is generally installed around the house to protect the entire surface of the wall. Well, you can also adopt it by installing relief on around the house. Obviously, it takes a greater cost and a longer time to process. However, the results obtained will be comparable to the capital that you spend. Situs Judi Bola

You can choose siding with coarse or fine motif. As shown in the picture above, siding subtle motifs certainly more complicated, but the result is more artistic. Choose a horizontal motif to provide a longer effect on the appearance of the facade of modern minimalist home . However, if you want a higher effect, then select vertical siding motif.

Mixed Siding

The next option is to use the siding of several different materials. The most popular material for siding, among others, exposed brick, natural stone, wood, metal, and vinyl. If your home has two floors, you can divide the display house into two or more different segments through the use of different siding materials.


Siding made of natural stone commonly used in homes-European country-style. Natural stone gives a natural look in your dwelling, because it is easy to blend with the natural surroundings. Natural stone is durable in any weather. However, natural stone also requires regular maintenance so that no moss, especially if frequently exposed to rainwater. In addition, natural stone siding require a greater cost.

You can install siding on the facade partly minimalist modern home, if your goal is only to enhance the appearance of the house. For example, you can put it on a pole porch, the front wall of the house around the window frame, or one of the dominant wall in the front of the house.

Of course, each of the materials you use to decorate the display facade modern minimalist house has its own advantages and disadvantages. Make sure you choose carefully, according to weather conditions, rainfall, and humidity in the area where you live. Ask the expert opinion to give consideration, so that you do not choose the wrong.

How to Choose the Right Laptop Gaming

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Laptop is a mini device from the computer. Laptop has many advantages if with computers, but laptops are also definitely has its drawbacks. Well this time we will try to give you tips on how to choose the right laptop gaming.

Games are already worldwide today, plus many online games that have sprung up. Suppose Dota online games and many other games. Actually, what’s in it from playing games that ?? Playing the game is no positive effect and there is also a negative impact. For more details, friends can read articles about the positive and negative effects of online gaming .

How to Choose the Right Laptop Gaming

laptop is the most widely used media for playing games today. Laptop has the advantage of light and easy to carry anywhere. This makes many computer users switched to using a laptop to play games. When we use the computer to play games, then it is likely we will be kept at home or continue. But by using a laptop, we can play as a group in one place.

Laptops used to play games that are not arbitrary. There are special specifications needed to be able to run a game to the fullest. Each game requires a laptop specifications that vary, ranging from laptop with specs moderate and even some that need a laptop specs high, eg game Dota and PES games.

Laptops for the game does not have to be new, it could also use a second hand laptop with specs still unreliable. It all depends on the budget and own. Laptop used laptop that does not mean it is bad, it’s just that the laptop had been used by the previous person. So we recommend that if you want to buy a used laptop to play games, peruse the first, ranging from hardware, and software performance. Or you can bring your friends understand more about the world of computers and laptops. And if friends want to consult with us, can advance by sending a consultation through the contact form that we have provided. Agen Judi Online

This time we will be kind enough to give some tips on choosing the right gaming laptop to suit your needs. Beikut tips:

1. More thoroughly and more carefully choose the GPU

If you are looking for a laptop for gaming needs, then one of the components that need special attention are the GPU (Graphic Processing Unit). GPU has a very important role is as a 3D graphic processing digame that you play. So make sure that you choose a laptop with a GPU of the best, the greatest, and the processing of data faster.

For the moment there are two leading vendors GPU is the most widely used by gamers, namely AMD and Nvidia.

And there’s one more vendor GPU are well known, namely Intel. As it is known that not a few laptops equipped with Intel’s GPU. Only Intel GPU is more geared for productivity and work activities. So if you are for gaming purposes, you should not choose a laptop that uses Intel’s GPU.

If there are some laptops on the list of your choice as a gaming laptop, make sure that you choose a laptop with highest GPU series. For example, a laptop with a GeForce GTX 990M GPU will be a better choice when compared to laptops that use the GeForce GTX 880M GPU, and so on. 2. CPU is important but not a priority

For a gaming laptop, the GPU is a component that becomes the highest priority. Actually, the CPU is also important, it’s just that for a gaming laptop position is not sekrusial GPU.

CPU is clocked faster with more cores which of course will be much more powerful if used for video editing, photo editing, and even animation design. But if for gaming during the CPU meets the system requirements of a game, then the excess of the CPU performance will not be so affect the smooth running of the games being played.

For example, look at the Alienware notebook. Alienware bottom using the Intel Core i5 dual-core 2.6GHz, in the middle of using the Intel Core i7 quad-core 2.9GHz, and at the top using the Intel Core i7 quad-core 3.1GHz.

For the price of Alienware with a 3.1GHz processor reaches 10 million more expensive than the 2.9GHz series, and is an upgrade that is less necessary. Alienware with a 2.9GHz processor can run almost all popular game today.

Back again on your goal to buy a laptop, if your goal memebli laptop just for the game, then you are expected to be wise in choosing the series of processors, so what? so that the budget does not swell and certainly could be diverted to other components that take priority.

3. Use large-capacity RAM, 8GB is enough.

Be sure how much RAM capacity sufficient to fit your needs. Many people who buy the RAM up to 16GB capacity to play the game, because hope to get maximum performance when playing games. This method is not wrong, just that you are expected to maximize the budget. Actually, this time with a capacity of 8 GB of RAM is enough to play a lot of games. Even if you use 16GB of RAM will probably give more benefit if used to play games that are popular today.

4. Use the SSD, because it can improve performance

Actually, for a gaming laptop should not be using SSD (Solid State Drive), but using the SSD will be able to improve the performance of laptop gaming khsusunya for the load and speed of the game.

As it is known that it has been using the SSD memory chip and does not use a mechanical plate as well as on the hard drive. SSD will generate speed read-write data much faster than disk.

But keep in mind also that the SSD will not create a frame rate of the game is faster, but it can make a game that you play to be more responsive because of its read-write process is very fast.

You should also take into account a lot of storage is needed, because the price is very expensive SSD with a capacity that can be said is still very small. You may also like ANDROID GAMES NEWEST AND MOST POPULAR 2016