Play Pokemon Go tips for beginners

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Pokemon Go is becoming warm talks. However, not all people know about how to play the game augmented reality. For parents or non-fans who are curious about what is Pokemon Go, here’s a few things you should know about this game.

How to download Pokemon Go
Currently, the Pokemon Go has been available in the U.S., Australia, New Zealand and Japan. In some time in the future, it will also be launched in another country. This game can be downloaded for free though you can also spend the money to make the purchase in the original application.


Beginning of the game
After you download this game, you must enter into an account. There are two options that you can select, i.e. create account Pokemon Trainer Club or signing in with a Google account that you already have. As mentioned by Polygon, to play this game, you must be connected to the internet, either via WiFi or data plan.

How to play
One of the uniqueness of the main Pokemon Go is because it requires you to get out of the House to play. Early in the game, you will get penjeleasan on how this game works. He uses a GPS signal on your mobile to find out where you are and where the nearest Pokemon are.

However, to be able to catch the Pokemon, you should really run to where the Pokemon are. Avatars in the game will move along with your trip. In other words, to make the character of Pokemon Go move, you yourself have to join the move.

If you are confused by the interface in the game, Niantic Labs, developer of the Pokémon Go, originally under the auspices of Google, making the image below to explain the function of signs at the game.

Pokemon go

1. Compass
You can make a compass always point north or enable auto-rotation, which will adjust to where you are facing.

2. The Gym
The Group places the player Pokemon Go to train their Pokemon and fight each other.

3. PokeStop
The place where the players can get a variety of items like Poke Ball, Potions and/or egg Pokemon.

4. Trainer
Your Avatar.

5. the Profile icon
Displays information about your accomplishment.

6. Main Menu
Here, you can access Settings, items, Pokedex, souvenir items, and Pokemon.

7. the nearest Pokemon
Shows the existence of a wild Pokemon.

How To Find Pokemon
To find the Pokemon, you can simply take a walk outside. Pokemon will appear on a map when you find it. Bar is on the bottom right shows the Pokemon what is near you. If it’s shaped silhouette, it means there is a Pokemon near you is a new Pokemon that you have never caught.

Sometimes, finding the Pokemon is not easy, especially if you’re somewhere quiet. Pokemon usually appear in grassy areas. Therefore, Pokemon Go match played while you are camping.

When you see a Pokemon on the map, you can simply download the tap Pokemon. You will see a new screen. Here, you’ll see a Pokemon with Your surroundings as a backdrop.

After finding the Pokemon, you can take his picture or try to catch it by doing a swipe on a PokeBall that exists at the bottom of the screen. This section is a bit difficult, but, as much as possible to the middle of the ball head Pokemon. Later, the Pokemon will be caught.

Basically, you just simply kept walking, looking for Pokemon until you get tired.

To play this game, you should continue to activate it because he is not running in the background. If it is out of the game, you have to go back to sign in to the account that you are using. This means, when you play, you will have to keep looking towards the phone screen that lights up.

However, we recommend, you stay alert to your surroundings. Police had asked the cast Pokemon Go to remain attentive to the environment while playing. Because, found a group of armed fishing players Pokemon Go to rob them.

Currently, the Pokemon Go not yet available officially in Indonesia. Indeed, you can download APK Pokemon Go through the third unofficial site. However, you should be careful, because, there are Pokemon Go APK containing malware.

Tips and how to play the Game by adjusting the Time

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The game play is very engrossing to the extent that we sometimes forgot the time. But also less precise when we spend time actually we can use to work on things that are more useful for example we often forget about things that are basic obligations such as the nature of the school, studying, eating, bathing, and more. and all that just would be very detrimental to our own. Essentially a game it was created to be a means of releasing the boredom and tension caused by other activities to be able to return could do routines that are useful with psychic conditions are better than before.

Some types of games would typically require the completion of which is arguably long enough to not be limited to, usually the kind of game with the game system and the story is very interesting, it could be able to make a person become addicted to and will continue to play it until eventually he will realize that his time has been spent just to play games. Play games continuously will usually make yourself are having a negative personality. among other Busy and Bête.

Here I will share some tips for avoiding disposal time caused by asiknya play games, among the tips that I share are as follows:

1. Play games with the use Restrictions

You can create any limitations in the game play. one example you create limits to play games such as 2 hours per day. With you makes such limits you try to mengenalikan your reliance in playing games, but to note you must also obey, how it can be applied by using the clock has been set to a certain time and for reads can also Television when using the Auto Sleep be enabled.

2. you must avoid games that require completion are very long or unlimited.

The gameplay is the same as is usually found in game rpg and online games, this game has two types of properties that can be mencandu for the players. for that I menyaraknan in order to avoid playing online games like ragnarok online, pangya, stargate, and others as well as rpg games such as star ocean, dragon quest, final fantasy and other paid online Game, in fact not only be spending your time, but also be able to spend your money.
3. Play games quickly.

Choose a game that has such a boring game winning eleven, fighting games, racing games, games have a monotonous character so it can make the players tired if played continuously. Arguably this type of game is a game is right for you which is also attempting to appreciate the time. In a game that is played with two or more people, the Game is also able to fullfill your social needs.

So I can share Tips, may be useful for you.

Healthy Tips to play games

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Play games on a computer or console video games such as PlayStation, Nintendo, Sega, Xbox, and more, for some people is a fun activity and spots for you. Behind it all, playing games can be bad (negative), although there is also a bright side (positive).


Well, to get the maximum impact both in and out the bad impact of playing games, it’s good you read tips and triks reader submissions from the following:

1. the Limit of time playing games

When it’s tasty game usually people forget the time to stop and do other useful activities. At the beginning of the main game set about one or two hours. If necessary install the clock to know the limitations of the time.

Play the game he can be bad on our bodies, because the brain full concentration on the game will ignore important activities or body’s needs such as eating, drinking, sleeping, bathing, worship, rest, exercise, socialize, etc. Sometimes people just realized after playing games feels dizzy.

2. don’t play games there is no End

Try, select a game that does not make us addicted to playing it for months and years and spent a lot of time a day to play it in order to produce a good game.

Of course it will limit us to know other new games, making the curious continued, and at times can feel embarrassed if account status game that we play has a low yield compared to other gamers. It would be nice if we use the time for other activities.

3. avoid a Difficult Game Fishing Emotions

The gameplay is hard sometimes make us annoyed and finally emotion and rage is not clear. and joystick ever could be a target if the film again and could be slammed, beaten, trampled, and a variety of other acts of cruel.

Not just the engine computer console or PC/laptop that so damaged. Hands, feet and body can get sick if committing violence at inanimate objects is hard and dense. Stop playing games if you have the emotions and directly watch television to quell anger.

4. Play games that Sharpen Brain

There are many games that can enhance the ability of our brains like thinking games puzzle, game case, game memory, game strategy, and so on. There’s also an amusing game can entertain us while playing it.

Analysis of the games you play, whether it can provide a positive impact and may provide entertainment or the ability to think. If it does not give anything, it means games that just waste your time alone.

5. Invite Others Play Along

A rollicking play games much better than playing alone. By referring friends, family, neighbors, girlfriends, and others play the game we are going to strengthen our relationships with other people. Of course, as long as the game is played is suitable for played together and not make the emotions.

Play the game alone will eliminate our social psyche and can reduce the number of our friends from time to time. Friend acquaintance of main online game not real friends because that person, could be so dishonest. Friends in real life is far more valuable than virtual friends.

6. Don’t Play Gambling

The game involves betting money in it arguably a gamble. Today, it is present in the form of electronic game as the ball deftly, gambling gaming cards, coins, and other games that can be played online and freely circulating on the internet.

Gambling can make us poor. Online gambling, for example, all already on the settings. The airport will never lose money because the system has set how many advantages. All detrimental to us. Because, apart from sin, to play games also gaming can make us forget time, forget the family, and certainly, forget the same God.

7. don’t scatter them Money

Care about your money and should be saved for future provision and to keep-keep the time dont have money. Calculate all expenses from nge-game, such as transport expenses, electricity, internet access, food, drink, pay rental, and others.

Calculate also the value of the time you waste a free to play games if you use that time to activities that produce.

There are people who liked to play the game to pursue a gift ticket/coupon for redeemable for gifts whose value is much lower than the money we spend for playing games. Calculate the long-term savings that you can do if all of the money you collect.

8. do not Play Pirated Games

Imagine the people who’ve been painstakingly made the game big money with a capital, the mind brain drained, as well as the effort and sweat for months, or even years.

We just go around to buy game copy from artisan plow with a very cheap price. Game developer can not nothing, steel artisan game can criminals big money and filthy rich. We can finally sin.

If they don’t have a lot of money, try not to play the game not distributed commercially. Search games-games that are free alias free license. On the internet we can download games for free, demo, and games that can be played online directly on the internet without installing its game.

9. Care about your body

If a game makes us dizzy because of the standpoint of the game not in accordance with the capabilities of our brain, immediately stop and never play again. Why we play games but make our agency became ill.

The game could be played to make sore, tired and limp if played too long. It could also make the fingers we get sick and many other bodily complaints. The point is we have to know our body’s endurance limits on gaming. Don’t play too many games that are not good for our bodies.

Tips for you that Coc Play novice, This is perfect for you who are just starting to play this popular Game, so you don’t have to worry!

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Tips for beginners to the coc plays intermediate level is very exciting for you to check out before playing this game. Are you a gamer? If Yes, you certainly already know the game Coca-Cola or the abbreviation of the Clash of Clans. Yes, this game was already familiar in the ears game lovers either use smart phones or laptops.

However, for those of you who are still unfamiliar with the game on this one, you need not worry because here it will explain what it is and how the coc tips play a coc for beginners. BRO and Sis this Breaking News, don’t miss the latest games SUPERCELL are no less excited and the excitement of the Clash of the Clan, namely the Clash Royale. Just read strategy Tips to play Clash Royale that Shindig!


COC or Clash of Clans is a strategy game that is very interesting to try where you assume the leadership that seeks to build a village well survive or attacking other villages. As the name suggests, in this game there will be many of the clan that you will encounter in this game so this game will make you feel like there is in it. Before we continue our tips about the Game Clash of Clans, just a reminder that our previously published an interesting article entitled weight loss Tips that we provide this will make you pleasantly surprised, because it is very Simple but very Powerful, proven to be pleased!

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To play this game, you can simply download via existing applications on android, iphone or gadget that is in the playstore belongs to you. But if you want to enjoy it in a laptop you can also do with a download it first. So, are there any tips on playing the coc beginners to play this game? of course, to play this game required the process especially if you are still a beginner. Your role as a leader is very large, if you are able to build your village so you can win this game.

Some Fundamental Things that must be considered as COC Play Tips
Tips on playing the first coc by making use of gems or premium currency in this game is to purchase a builder. Gems is the currency used in this game. You’ll get gems if you successfully complete a mission. If you already have a gems, gems are running well, you can use it to buy builder. Do not use gems to shorten the time of the building of which you have since bought the builder is much more important as more and more workers so you can build more buildings. In the beginning, you will earn two builder for free, but you have to get a third builder by paying 500 gems, and it’s quite difficult to attain.

coc play tips, tips for playing the coc for beginners, tips for beginners, coc play tips play coc th 7, coc play beginners tips

Tips on playing the second coc IE don’t hesitate to attack another village. Of course, the best defense is attack. But keep in mind that you must have a good capital to attack. The main capital of course that is the strength of your forces. If you already have your new powerful forces can strike another village to get Gold or disisni called Elixr.

By getting Elixr Collector or a Gold Mine then you can build your village quickly. Don’t forget, you must also upgrade the Gold Mine and the Collector to accommodate Elixr you get. Use Elixr you get for doing research laboratory. Research laboratory is very important for you to be able to create reliable forces that can beat your enemies in this game.

coc play tips, tips for playing the coc for beginners, tips for beginners, coc play tips play coc th 7, coc play beginners tips

Next complete the achievement tips so that you can add to the gems that you have. the way is by stealing Gold or Elixr, get 50 stars, mng-upgrade Gold Storage and more. And tips on playing the last coc is to join a clan-clan etc. This way you will get more information so that you become stronger. By way of sharing your troop and get troop then you will become more powerful when you are attacked by your enemies in this game.

How interesting is it not? Secret tips the most important is our first tip, i.e. use the Gems just to buy Builder and don’t use the other. These tips are useful as well as tips for playing coc th 7 or lower than that. For those of you who are already above the 8th, we make sure you are not a beginner anymore … Buddy all ya don’t forget to always visit our technology