Clarification Corrugated Board

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Clarification Corrugated Board,pabrik karton box Based on the number of walls (Wall) Karto wave can be classified into 4 parts.

1. Corrugated Singgle Face

Corrugated sheets Singgle face kartonj That wave consisted of a single sheet of liner and a layer of wave (Fluting). singgle face is usually used as protective items such as furniture or timber industries results in the pack in the packaging box that the saatproses shipping goods in containers of goods are not scuffed and to the hands of customers in good condition. In addition to such use, has now developed a type of corrugated board boxes that use layers of offset printing paper. Box offset printing using singgle face laminated with paper Coated duplex / boxboard / ivory board or artboard.

2. Corrugated Singgle wall

Corrugated cardboard sheets Singgle Wall is a wave consisting of two sheets of liner and 1 layer wave (flutting). Singgle Wall is a sheet of corrugated board is the most widely used for packaging products that do not need protection too big as instant noodles, mineral water and snacks etc.

3. Corrugated Double Wall

Corrugated double wall corrugated board sheet is composed dari3 liner sheet and two layers of wave consists of three pieces of liner and second layers of wave (flutting). Double Wall usually much in use as KKG (paper Karto waves) for goods that require great protection such as cooking oil in plastic packaging (Pouch), Margarine, and large enough goods such as televisions, refrigerators etc.

4. Corrugated Triple Wall

Corrugated Wall ie triple corrugated board sheet consisting of four sheets of liner and 3 layers of wave (fulling). Triple wall is not widely used because besides the price is expensive also not a lot of stuff that need packaging as strong as triplle wall. if there is usually used as a triple wall pallet so that the items in the store are not damaged. In general, there is no Corrugator machine which has 3 units flutting in one production line, therefore the manufacture of triple wall typically by combining two sheets which singgle wall with double face.

Pursuant OF FLUTE its corrugated board can differentiate into, Flute wave height (MM) jumblah wave permeter Sheet Thickness (mm)

A.                4.8                  118                        +/-5

B.                 2.7                  168                        +/-3

C.                 3.7                   128                       +/-4

D                  1.2                    316                       +/1,5

The differences of each type of flute can diliat based on the height and number of waves per meter, characteristics of each type of flute:

a. Flute A :

A flute as originally used as a packaging for goods from glass. Flute of this type have the nature of padding (cushioning) very good, because the cushions were able to reduce power compression occurs at the time of packing in stacks.

b. Flute B

For products that have been packed in cans, or products that do not require too high a bearing such as notebooks, Continuous Form, Photocopy paper, etc., is more appropriate to use a slightly cheaper B. apart flute, Flute resistance of this type has a flat press (flat Crush ) higher than flute A.

c. Flute C

Flute C was made as an approach to obtain high power pads like the flute A, but have the power to press the flat well as flute B, in addition to better conserve paper usage medium.

d. Flute E

Flute E is made in lieu of solid fiber board, with the power of a relatively similar but lighter and cheaper.

Coc Playing Tips For Beginners You are, It Is Perfect For You is the new Start Playing Games section, so you do not have to Worry!

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Tips to play coc  for beginner to intermediate level is very interesting to see before you play this game. Are you a gamer? If so, you must already know the game coca or abbreviation of Clash of Clans. Yes, this game is already familiar in the ears of the game lovers either using a smart phone or laptop. However, for those of you who are unfamiliar with this game, you do not need to worry because here will explain what it is and how coc tips coc play for beginners. Bro and Sis’s Breaking News, do not miss the latest games supercell is no less excited and she called Clash of Clan, the Clash Royale . Immediately, read Tips Playing Strategy Clash Royale that this furor!

coc playing tips, tips for beginners to play coc, play coc tips for beginners, tips play coc th 7 tips to play coc beginners
COC or Clash of Clans is a strategy game that is very interesting for you to test where you have a role as a leader who seeks to build a nice village defensive or attacking other villages. As the name suggests, in this game there will be many clan that you will face in this game so this game will make you feel like inside. Before we continue with our tips about Game Clash of Clans, just a reminder that we previously had published an interesting article entitled  Tips to Lose Weight We Give This Will Make You Surprised, because it is very simple but very Strikes Khasiatnya, Proven!


To play this game, you can directly download via the applications in the android, iphone or PlayStore in a gadget yours. but if you want to enjoy it in your laptop can also be done by downloading it first. Then, if there are any tips on playing coc beginners to play this game? of course, to play this game required process especially for those who are beginners. Your role as a leader is great, if you are able to build your village then you can win this game.

Some Fundamental Things that must be addressed as COC Playing Tips

Tips play coc The first is by using gems or premium in-game currency to buy builder. Gems is the currency used in the game. you will get gems if you successfully complete a mission. If you already have gems, gems with good use, you can use it to buy a builder. Do not use gems to shorten the time of making the buildings that you have for buying builder is much more important as more and more workers then you can build more buildings. At the beginning, you will get two free builder, but the builder you get with the third must pay 500 gems, and it is quite difficult to achieve.


Tips play coc second is do not hesitate to attack another village. Of course, the best defense is attack. But keep in mind that you must have a good capital to attack. The main capital of course that is the strength of your troops. If you already have a strong army can attack you just another village to get a Gold or disisni called by Elixr.

By getting Elixr Collector or Gold Mine then you can build up your village quickly. Do not forget, you also have to upgrade Gold Mine and the Collector to accommodate Elixr you get. Use Elixr you get to do the research laboratory. Research laboratory is very important for you to be able to create powerful forces that can defeat your enemies in this game.


Next tips of completing the achievement so that you can add gems you have. way is by stealing Gold or Elixr, get 50 stars, wk-Gold Storage and other upgrades. And tips on playing coc lastly, by joining with other clans. in this way you will get more information so that you become stronger. By sharing troop and get troop then you will be stronger when you are attacked by your enemy in this game.

How exciting is not it? The most important secret tips are our tips first, the Gems used only to purchase Builder and do not use the other. These tips are useful as well as tips on playing coc 7 th or lower than that. For those who are over 8 years old, so we make sure you’re not a beginner anymore hehehe .. dude all do not forget to always visit tips tekonologi in yaa

Idea Make The fireplace in courtyard Garden Home Decor Home

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The fireplace is a favorite place to gather with family. Through the fireplace, we will get a warm atmosphere in the house. Usually the fireplace placed in the home. This will enhance the fun effects. But now is not always the fireplace can be placed in the home, you can also get the feel of the warm outdoors. And, we call it a fire pit. Fire pit fireplace is placed outside the home. Applying a fireplace outside the house will add a warm feel. We’ve prepared some ideas for your picture in designing a fire pit outside your home.


 Making Idea Fireplace Garden Yard House Warmth Fire Pit

First, there are many types of fire pit that fireplace mantel ideas you can choose. The types is a fire pit made of iron, cement, or brick. You can choose one of them according to the theme of the exterior of your home. Then, when you want to get a minimalist theme or modern, you can choose iron fire pit. It can represent the theme of the exterior of your home. Typically, a fire pit made of iron shaped like a table with a couple of iron chairs.


Then, if the exterior of your home has a traditional theme, you can choose a fire pit made of concrete or brick. This material can provide traditional effects for the exterior of your home. It is an artistic design because it brings the classic accents in your home’s exterior.


Once you decide what kind of fire pit, now you can decorate around a fire pit with some furniture like chairs. The seat has a function to gather with family or friends and feel the warm effect of your fire pit. In choosing a seat for your campfire, you should choose those that suit your fire pit. So, can bring a harmonizing effect in the exterior design of your home.


Recently, a fire pit can be applied at any place on the exterior of your home. You can apply a fire pit around the pool. Of course, it can give a stylish and fun effects to your home decor. Then, if you have a bar outside the home, you can also apply a fire pit. Bar and fire pit will provide an awesome accent to the exterior of your home.


Briefly, these are some image ideas for designing your fire pit. You may consider to select and design them.

That idea Make Fireplace in the garden courtyard house probably could be material ideas for the interior space of your home.see also collection of designs cool houses such as  Bedroom Design Modern Minimalist husband and wife may be useful.

Here’s a more interesting photo you can see below including Idea Makes Fireplace in the garden courtyard house and others.Do not miss to check out all the photos by clicking the thumbnails below.


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 Fiesta Online



Great Online Game Publisher Lyto now has Clash Royale Hack Tool released the latest MMORPG. Fiesta Online Wedding Mode has a feature that allows players to get married with another player. Besides this game provides 5 characters that can be chosen by the player, among others, Fighter, Mage, Cleric, Archer and Trickter.

Tweetmygaming Online RPG Game Fiesta Online


Publisher Lyto also do not want to lose in making the FPS genre games. With features that are different from other FPS games Phantomers comes with a hefty graphics as well. In addition players can also choose 5 different characters, namely Assault, Sniper, Scout, Destroyer and Engineer.


Dragonica Mobile 

Dragonica Online is a PC game that was popular in Indonesia. By joining LINE Dragonica Online is currently present in the version of android. If you play this game you will be given a choice of 6 characters, Knight, Gladiator, Wizard, Warlock, Thief and Assasins.

  1. Forsaken World
  3. In addition there are also online games Dragonica another PC that is presented in the version of Android. Forsaken World is a 3D game with MMORPG genre that has a different view. With the PVP features and dungeons as well as their mount that makes the player can have a ride, this game is worth a try.
  4. Conquest 3 Kingdoms 
  5. For those who never played the game Dynasty Warrior PS 2 game certainly know the theme of war between the three kingdoms. 3 Kingdoms Conquest is an android online game Real-Time Strategy genre. This game has 3 theme to dominate the government and the whole area around it.
  6. Sky Warrior 
  7. With intense competition online game version of Android, Maingames now trying to put out the fighting game genre MMORPG that has never existed. TOLIONGTO is lifted to the story in this game. Toliongto is the story of two worlds pugilistic Sword of Heaven and Machete Murderer.
  8. Grand Chase 
  9. And the last is Grand Chase, a game that was popular in the PC version will be very interesting to play. In this game there are several modes that can be played include Dungeons, Raids Boss, Hall of Heroes, Battle Arena, Wanted and Dimension Crack.

Android Game Reviews About Metal Slug Defense

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Review On Android Game Metal Slug Defense . One of the games that can be said of classic and ever popular in his time and can give pleasure to the is a Metal Slug game. Formerly Metal Slug games have been popular through the platform after PS1 PS1 but lost its popularity so the game Metal Slug also gradually disappear.

 Image result for Metal Slug Defense

To restore the glory of its time, is now back in the game Metal Slug can be played again but this game can only be used on android devices. Developed by SNK Playmore Metal Slug Defense android game has a file size of 44.08 MB and can be downloaded at Google Play Store .

How to play the game Metal Slug Defense is actually almost the same as the game Larva Heroes but in Metal Slug has human characters and bizarre creatures and has a menu that is different from Larva Heroes. Here is a menu-about whatever is on android game Metal Slug Defense.

1. Exit

On the menu this sortie we will be heading to the area for the battle in which each area is composed of at least four locations or stage. Here also there are some events that can be played to add a gold medal at the stars and MSP, and there are maps which is very helpful in finding the right location for us to play.

2 . Customize

In this Customizi custome menu there are three, namely:

  • Home ( Customize)

To increase the strength of the defense on Metal Slug Defense can be done here. That could be improved here is: Sortie Level, Base Level, Speed Development Level, Level Hangar, Production Speed Level, MSP Gain Level, Destruction Bonus Level, Metal Slug Attack Speed Level and Charge Level.

  • Unit ( Customize )

Here are useful for increasing the strength of the units we already have or buy at the shop. Units Defense Metal Slug games are: Soldier, 10000000Taro, Mars People Pocket, Sandbag, Mini Hermit, Marco, Parachuetruck, Mini Jupiter King, Allen JR.

  • Deck

On Deck menu we can select any units that will be used. Here are 10 places that we can fill with main units.

3 . Wi-Fi VS

To play the game Metal Slug Defense along with other friends we can look for it here.There is also Rank Match and Friend Match, Friend Match function to invite other players to compete while Rank Match is the ranking that we had.

4 . Option

On the Options menu on the android game, there are three options, namely:

  • Help

Is the help menu of the developer, if we choose this menu then we will be redirected to the official website of the game developers Metal Slug Defense.

  • Language

There are 9 languages that we can use in this game that is American English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish language, languages brazil, french, italian language, Chinese language, and also the Russian language. But rather unfortunate lack of Indonesian in this game.

  • Sound Setting

This menu to turn on and off the sound in the game metal slug .

5 . Shop

Shop On the menu there are also three options that exist therein, namely:

  • Item

To buy an item or equipment on the unit that we play can be found here, the items that are available here include: Value Set, Unlock 1, Radar, Radar x 5, Radar x 10 APLvMAX, APLvMAX x 5, APLvMAX x 10 Reward up x 5 x 10 Reward up, Mobile Satellite, Mobile Satellite x 5, Mobile Satelite x 10.

  • MSP

In this menu we can buy gold in a manner MSP or bought with Achievements. MSP provided here are: 10000, 20000, 80000, 200000, 400000.

  • Unit

To add or buy new units that better can be done here, for assistance unit we can buy, among others: Soldier, Motorbike POW, 10000000Taro, Armor Unit, Mars People Pocket, Sandbag, The Keesi 2, Mini Hermit, Slug Trolley Marco, Parachuetruck, Augenstrem Ver, Mini Jupiter King, Allen JR, R-Shobu Ver F, The Snail House, Hazmat Soldier, Kim, Choi Bounge, Chang Koehan, Samurai Infantry, Forklift, Tiny Ufo, Ring Laser Mecha, Elephant Slug , Jupiter King, Flying Core, Mask Soldier, Mai Shiranui, King, Yuri Sakazaki, Bull Drill, Slug Mobile, Morden Bus, Dararin Dara-dara, Big John, Ryo Sakazaki Robert Garcia, Takuma Sazaki, Crablops and many other units ,

6 . Medal

On the menu this Medal we can buy or medal team using real money purchase.

7 . Free

Before reading further, please read the reviews of other interesting:

We can also get a medal for free by selecting the menu Free. In this menu we will be directed to websites that will provide free medal.

8 . Mission

At Mission menu we can choose secret missions that will we play to earn extra Medal MSP or get more, but here’s mission difficulty level manifold.

To know more about this game is better to directly play due to review Metal Slug Defense game is very long and also this game is very exciting when played. Hopefully a little review About Game Android Metal Slug Defense can provide valuable information in playing games on android.

5 Hottest and Latest Android Games September 2016 Part2

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3. Hardest Game Ever 2

If in view of its title, of course, these games are the hardest games ever to be played. Games of this very test of intelligence or your intelligence and how responsive you are to play this game.You’ll be treated to a wide variety of mini games that will certainly make you Clash Royale Hack Online stress or even laughing upset because of the difficulty of this game. For those of you who love a challenge, no harm to download these games on your Android device for free on the Google Play Store.

Image result for Hardest Game Ever 2

4. Enemy Strike

Enemy Strike is a game that requires you to retain the remaining town of brutal alien invasion that has destroyed most of the population manusia.Anda can use a gun or other weapon to fight and take back your planet. This game is very test the speed and how responsive you are playing the game. This game can be downloaded for free and is available in several language versions.

5. Frontline Commando 2

Game Frontline Commando 2 is one of the latest games for your Android device that can be downloaded for free. This game will bring you into the atmosphere of war is very stressful. You will be provided with equipment and weapons such as bombs, binoculars and more so these games will feel like a real-time played. This game is guaranteed fun and will not make you bored while playing it.

Thus our reviews of five best-selling and latest Android games that we can present to you.Hopefully useful information and can be a reference for you, especially for the gamers in selecting the best games and interesting.

New update !

FHx Clash of Clans

FHx COC Private Server Indonesia is a mainstay COC game that goes beyond the original server.By having a private server itself, FHx can make a variety of unique things that do not exist in the game COC normally.
When you first run the new Clash of Clans FHx, each player will be given resource:
800 000 000 Gold
800 000 000 Elixir
800,000,000 Dark Elixir
800 million Gems
In addition to the abundant resource when the first new play, FHx Private server COC also provides several unique features that you can use to play CoC private server.

Download it now for those of you who loved the most popular games of the year.


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After watching the film The Co n segment 2, my impression ko is so movie-love romance, but not tacky at all, I am touched by the unique relationship that is owned by Ed and Lorainne as a couple paranormal, while others were not convinced by them but they mutually reinforce each other. Me & You Vs The World betcha.
One more thing that makes me touched is the part where Ed played guitar sing Elvis, Cant Help Falling In Love to entertain family Hodgson. Does not feel I became involved in tears at the thought of a very severe situation where the Hodgson family life is very poor and had movies online hd suffered a terrible supernatural occurrences. Eventually they were able to smile because the strains of guitar and melodious sound Ed.
Film The Conjuring 2 in my opinion succeeded in presenting a horror movie that is not just a scare, but also storytelling and there kehanggatan well. Translated and neat in scenes. When not many horror films that presents it all in a single watch, The Conjuring 2 mixed very well and were relatively satisfactory.
Regardless of all the scenes that I want to discuss here are 8 tips to watch a horror movie-style Teteh Ifa;
1. Read the synopsis of the film that will be watched
By reading the plot can certainly reduce tension so you and you know when to shut his eyes.
2. When you want to watch horror movies do not buy tickets too fast 
Because we do not know will be full or not. Really lazy it if you’ve bought a ticket tau-tau cinema really lonely and you left right ga unoccupied.
3. Select sits in the middle
Not rearmost especially not at the front right end of the left so that you can feel the presence of someone other than you and feel secure.
4. Bring the combat equipment, you mainstay gadgets
Bring Hp, Tablet, Ipod etc you can play when it starts to tense scenes and leads to the appearance of ghosts. If you listen to music, set up you are not too obvious listening to the sounds in the movie and sing your favorite songs in their hearts. Do not let it set too loud and sing shouting that there you will ditimpuk the cinemas.
5. Bring a thin shawl 
Why thin shawl? because you can use to cover your face when you’re scared, and you can tetep for police peering from the shadows in the scene like any screen. So let ga miss the scene. If a guy could probably carry a handkerchief so you can pretend to sneeze or eyes gatel.
6. Laugh
When the music began appearing tense you could pretend to be laughing and ngangep ghost that it would be can neutralize the fear you.
7. Chat with friends next door
But do not let its frequency later she does not want to watch again with you, just 2-3 times wrote, but still one and a half hours talk time hahaha name was not watching dong.
8. Bring snacks that many

Snacks are a lot of nervous plasticity let you ga ga berenti so you can chew for the film progresses.


A few tips to watch horror films ala teteh Ifa, good luck ya!
I hope you are now so bold to watch a horror movie!

Tips Play Game Comfortable and Healthy

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now this game has penetrated into the virtual world. Not a few people who play the game in front of the screen in a long period of time, it is of course bad for health.And more bad again most gamers are young age where it is the right time to maintain health.So to overcome health problems from too long in front of the screen, CRONOSAL has  Tips Playing Game Convenient and Healthy

Tips Play Game Comfortable and Healthy

1. Set the Distance Eye with Monitor

The minimum distance is 45 CM but recommended distance is over 45 CM to keep eyes are not dim.

2. Every 30 Minutes Once, Toggle view

Well this is pretty important gan! If the eyes constantly staring at the monitor light impact will make the eyes become unfocused. For that switch the view of the monitor to the walls of brightly colored such as Red, Green, and Blue.

3. Occasionally Do Stretches Muscles

Too long sitting at the computer will make the muscles become stiff. But that did not happen do a bit of stretching or walking out of the room.

4. Moments Playing Game

The times are not appropriate to play the game are: When after waking and before bedtime above 21.00 as it will create an eye sore.

5. Do not Hold Hunger

Almost promotion !!!  Yes, although sometimes we get too excited because the mission carried out almost done, we can not forget to eat or stomach knotted will not be filled due.


Flashing? Yes, of course! But when people are in front of a computer screen, the average blink of his eyes was 7 times per minute. It was much less than not staring at a computer screen that is 22 times per minute.

7. Adjust Brightness

Sometimes we need a screen brightness level is low, or too high. It depends on the condition of the eyes, so if you start to feel unsightly, set the screen brightness agan.

8. Never Too Thinking Games

Too long thinking about the game most people will always think about the games he played anytime anywhere, this result we’ll forget the things that must be done or is happening.

9. Do not Forget Obligations

Do not let the fun playing the game as to forget other obligations such as school assignments.Make obligations first, then play the game.

10. Make sure the Time to Play Game

Do not play games amid a bustle! This will make the game becomes less comfortable and had a bit of anxiety.

Play Pokemon Go tips for beginners

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Pokemon Go is becoming warm talks. However, not all people know about how to play the game augmented reality. For parents or non-fans who are curious about what is Pokemon Go, here’s a few things you should know about this game.

How to download Pokemon Go
Currently, the Pokemon Go has been available in the U.S., Australia, New Zealand and Japan. In some time in the future, it will also be launched in another country. This game can be downloaded for free though you can also spend the money to make the purchase in the original application.


Beginning of the game
After you download this game, you must enter into an account. There are two options that you can select, i.e. create account Pokemon Trainer Club or signing in with a Google account that you already have. As mentioned by Polygon, to play this game, you must be connected to the internet, either via WiFi or data plan.

How to play
One of the uniqueness of the main Pokemon Go is because it requires you to get out of the House to play. Early in the game, you will get penjeleasan on how this game works. He uses a GPS signal on your mobile to find out where you are and where the nearest Pokemon are.

However, to be able to catch the Pokemon, you should really run to where the Pokemon are. Avatars in the game will move along with your trip. In other words, to make the character of Pokemon Go move, you yourself have to join the move.

If you are confused by the interface in the game, Niantic Labs, developer of the Pokémon Go, originally under the auspices of Google, making the image below to explain the function of signs at the game.

Pokemon go

1. Compass
You can make a compass always point north or enable auto-rotation, which will adjust to where you are facing.

2. The Gym
The Group places the player Pokemon Go to train their Pokemon and fight each other.

3. PokeStop
The place where the players can get a variety of items like Poke Ball, Potions and/or egg Pokemon.

4. Trainer
Your Avatar.

5. the Profile icon
Displays information about your accomplishment.

6. Main Menu
Here, you can access Settings, items, Pokedex, souvenir items, and Pokemon.

7. the nearest Pokemon
Shows the existence of a wild Pokemon.

How To Find Pokemon
To find the Pokemon, you can simply take a walk outside. Pokemon will appear on a map when you find it. Bar is on the bottom right shows the Pokemon what is near you. If it’s shaped silhouette, it means there is a Pokemon near you is a new Pokemon that you have never caught.

Sometimes, finding the Pokemon is not easy, especially if you’re somewhere quiet. Pokemon usually appear in grassy areas. Therefore, Pokemon Go match played while you are camping.

When you see a Pokemon on the map, you can simply download the tap Pokemon. You will see a new screen. Here, you’ll see a Pokemon with Your surroundings as a backdrop.

After finding the Pokemon, you can take his picture or try to catch it by doing a swipe on a PokeBall that exists at the bottom of the screen. This section is a bit difficult, but, as much as possible to the middle of the ball head Pokemon. Later, the Pokemon will be caught.

Basically, you just simply kept walking, looking for Pokemon until you get tired.

To play this game, you should continue to activate it because he is not running in the background. If it is out of the game, you have to go back to sign in to the account that you are using. This means, when you play, you will have to keep looking towards the phone screen that lights up.

However, we recommend, you stay alert to your surroundings. Police had asked the cast Pokemon Go to remain attentive to the environment while playing. Because, found a group of armed fishing players Pokemon Go to rob them.

Currently, the Pokemon Go not yet available officially in Indonesia. Indeed, you can download APK Pokemon Go through the third unofficial site. However, you should be careful, because, there are Pokemon Go APK containing malware.

Tips and how to play the Game by adjusting the Time

By Games

The game play is very engrossing to the extent that we sometimes forgot the time. But also less precise when we spend time actually we can use to work on things that are more useful for example we often forget about things that are basic obligations such as the nature of the school, studying, eating, bathing, and more. and all that just would be very detrimental to our own. Essentially a game it was created to be a means of releasing the boredom and tension caused by other activities to be able to return could do routines that are useful with psychic conditions are better than before.

Some types of games would typically require the completion of which is arguably long enough to not be limited to, usually the kind of game with the game system and the story is very interesting, it could be able to make a person become addicted to and will continue to play it until eventually he will realize that his time has been spent just to play games. Play games continuously will usually make yourself are having a negative personality. among other Busy and Bête.

Here I will share some tips for avoiding disposal time caused by asiknya play games, among the tips that I share are as follows:

1. Play games with the use Restrictions

You can create any limitations in the game play. one example you create limits to play games such as 2 hours per day. With you makes such limits you try to mengenalikan your reliance in playing games, but to note you must also obey, how it can be applied by using the clock has been set to a certain time and for reads can also Television when using the Auto Sleep be enabled.

2. you must avoid games that require completion are very long or unlimited.

The gameplay is the same as is usually found in game rpg and online games, this game has two types of properties that can be mencandu for the players. for that I menyaraknan in order to avoid playing online games like ragnarok online, pangya, stargate, and others as well as rpg games such as star ocean, dragon quest, final fantasy and other paid online Game, in fact not only be spending your time, but also be able to spend your money.
3. Play games quickly.

Choose a game that has such a boring game winning eleven, fighting games, racing games, games have a monotonous character so it can make the players tired if played continuously. Arguably this type of game is a game is right for you which is also attempting to appreciate the time. In a game that is played with two or more people, the Game is also able to fullfill your social needs.

So I can share Tips, may be useful for you.