Healthy Eating Tips – Free Tips You Must Know

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It’s comforting to know that a lot more people are more health conscious than before. Foods now have less sugar, less calories, and are more nutritional than before. Here are simple healthy eating tips that can be followed by everyone.

Being unbelievably thin or fat doesn’t have something to do with being healthy. In fact, some heavier people are actually healthier than skinny ones. The belief that you always need to lose weight in order to be healthy is a myth. The reason this misconception was developed is probably because most unhealthy foods contain fats.

One of the tips we will discuss is having a variety. The cliché having a balanced diet is true- you need carbohydrates, proteins, and the other minerals. Eat moderate portions of fruits, vegetables and meat. This will help boost the immune system and considered as one of the most effective healthy eating tips.

Drink more water than usual. Water keeps the body hydrated, doesn’t make us feel hungry all the time jus kurus langsing, and will flush away the toxins from the body. Instead of drinking juice and soda, replace it with water. You’d be surprised at how your body feels after. Water is also the secret of most people that have great skin.

Cut back on high-caloric foods. When buying food from the grocery, it pays to check the label on the calories that the food contains. Opt for healthier alternatives like a non-fat milk rather the regular full-cream milk. Know how much your advised daily calorie intake is and try to stick with it. This will prevent your body from gaining weight and will even speed up your metabolism.

Eating habits also have a lot to do with being healthy. When we get too hungry, we have a tendency to eat super fast. This is completely unhealthy. We should take time in chewing the food and enjoying the taste and flavors before swallowing them. This will aid in digestion and will make us feel satisfied and not crave for a second serving.

Another unhealthy eating habit is consuming meals at inappropriate places. An example is having breakfast while driving to work or eating lunch at the work table. Believe it or not, the atmosphere affects our body’s ability to digest food. We should always find a comfortable place where we could eat peacefully to be able to enjoy food more.

Try out new eating habits slowly. Adjust to a new eating habit smoothly by gradually adding/ eliminating new food items from your regular diet. Make sure you are not deprived or you will end up in binge eating. An example would be to peel the chicken skin and only eat the meat, using whole-grain pasta instead of the regular ones, and replacing ice cream with yogurt.

Finally, healthy eating tips are useless without exercise. Our blood needs circulation to be able to digest the food. Whether it’s a simple jog or a single workout routine, it works great with any diet. This will also prevent diseases and will make our bodies stronger.

Best High End Headphone, Velodyne Vfree Wireless Bluetooth Headphone

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Having a headphone to enhance audio experience is necessary. Whether you like to listen to music most of the time, or you need headphone to watch movies so that you get the best sound quality. Whatever it is, this Velodyne Vfree wireless bluetooth headphones can be your best option. Inside the box, you will find the headphone itself, USB cables that you can use to charge it, wired audio connection and also a soft bag to put it all in. Even if this headphone is a wireless one, but you might want to keep the audio cables option in case your headphone running out of battery and there is no source of power around. This headphone is using battery and bluetooth connection to connect to your computer or devices. Even if it produce high quality audio, but it only consume small energy.

Velodyne Vfree wireless headphone offers a glossy beauty on the outside, but high quality audio and bass system on the inside. There are also control feature on both the ear cups which you can reach easily, and you get everything you need there. There are volume control, multifunction button for tracks, LED indicator to show you the status of your headphone as well as a3.5mm jack to plug your wired connection audio.

There are sliders on the sides to help you fit this Velodyne Vfree comfortably on your head. There are hinges too to fold this headphone so it takes less space when you are traveling. The ear cups shaped like a diamond, giving it a sleek design as well as compact looks. Velodyne didn’t forget to make their users feels comfortable while using their product with the addition of soft material of memory foam, both around the headband or inside the interior of the ear cups. This will make you feel comfortable enough even when you already wear it for couple of hours straight.

The New 2018 Subaru Outback

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Continuing inovation after the 2018 WRX and also Legacy, another model from Subaru lined up for 2018 is the Outback. In terms of the look, this new edition of 2018 Subaru Outback has a few interior and exterior changes. Subaru claimed that this version has improvements on ride quality as well as quietness. On safety matters, you don’t need to worry because it has its safety technology upgraded to the modern standart. Subaru still stick with the adventure purposes, it shows from the adventure theme on the wagon as well as choosing tucked styling. Makes this car a very good option if you like to go to the mountains or off road somewhere.


This Subaru Outback body has not changed much compared to earlier models. It has a more aggressive headlights, chrome wings, and also a wider and lower grille. Another changes include the bumper and new styling cues. Reshaped the exterior of 2018 Subaru Outback, now you can enjoy a more quieter interior with sound-insulating glass addition as well as a thicker real wheel choice. Beside that, on the entertainment side, you can enjoy the long-overdue Apple CarPlay improvement and also another improvement of Android Auto.

More than that, with this new model you can enjoy a more smoother ride while on off-road or adventuring somewhere. Subaru also made upgrade for streering wheel and the brake system, which gives you the feeling of a more enjoyable driving experience. 2018 Subaru Outback has the new standart roof rails which will work well with a lot more of carrier models, unlike the earlier version that especially hard to use when you need to carry something like bikes or even things as big as kayak. There are four type of this model which is standart type, premium type, limited type and also touring type if you love to go to touring a lot.

LCD Monitor with features FreeSync under Price 2 Million

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Classic problem in playing games on pc is a screen tearing and stuttering. To overcome the necessary monitors that have the ability to sync adaptive. This sync adaptive feature means the refresh rate (rr) issued by the monitor to synchronize with the frames per second (fps) issued by the gpu.

This technology has been developed by two manufacturers gpu and supported by colleagues from the manufacturer monitor each for their support. The first party that issue is Nvidia with its technology called G-Sync. Then followed by Amd with a technology called FreeSync.

Gambar terkait

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To get the game smooth motion without image split (screen tearing) and animated motion game stuttering (stuttering / input lag) requires one of the technologies of the technology above and almost all the gpu latest from either Nvidia or from Amd already supports adaptive sync of each party.

Furthermore, just choose a monitor capable of supporting adaptive sync. Keep in mind that the adaptive sync monitors only adjust one of gpu adaptive sync, that is G-Sync or FreeSync. So for now can not be used cross or both.

G-Sync Monitor has the advantage of having wide range of refresh rates up to 144Hz, ideal for professional gaming users and of course the price is relatively expensive consequences. While of course the latest gpu price no cost to gpu capable of running the latest games category AAA.

The good news is there FreeSync monitor at an affordable price. You can even get a price of about two million rupiah. For budget users gaming of course this is good news.

But keep in mind that this monitor has a refresh rate has range limitations. But this was not a problem, for the users gaming novice and semi-professional gaming is more than enough, the most important is comfort in playing the game.

Here is a brief explanation of the monitors are:

1. Monitor Lg 22MP68VQ-P
The latest product output in 2016 by LG has a FreeSync vertical frequency between 56 ~ 75Hz, with a 21.5 IPS panel “has a wide viewing angle, resolution of Full HD. Plugs have DSUB, DVI-D, and hdmi. Very worth to be considered for selection.
The market price of around Rp. 1.850.000, –
2. Monitor Samsung S24F350FHE
Samsung’s latest product output in 2016 with its PLS panel technology similar to IPS technology, so it has a wide viewing angle, resolution of Full HD (FHD).
Vertical Frequency FreeSync have between 56 ~ 75Hz and only found DSUB plugs and hdmi, dvi minus their plugs. Those advantages are the screen size is 24 “. More suitable for gaming users who prefer a larger monitor better.
The market price of around Rp. 1.950.000, –
3. Monitor ViewSonic VX2257-MHD

The latest product from ViewSonic output in 2016 is still using a TN panel. Note that this panel rensponse time and low input lag better than other panels, although it has shortcomings do not have a broad perspective. ViewSonic provides a solution with a buffer that can be rotated horizontally and vertically.

This monitor  Full HD resolution and vertical frequency range (fv) FreeSync most spacious, between 47 ~ 75Hz. Another advantage of these monitors is their internal speaker 2W x 2 so that you do not require additional speakers.

Monitor multimedia & gaming monitor has a plug that is, DSUB, hdmi, and & DisplayPort. With the DisplayPort jack ensures compatibility with gpu coming out in the future.
The market price of around Rp. 1.995 million, –

How to Make Water Rose Alone at Home

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How to make rose water is actually not too difficult so for that you need not bother to spend money to buy rose water sold in the market. Besides the price is quite expensive, rose water sold in the market sometimes does not guarantee its authenticity so if you are not thorough in the buying then might you actually will get the rose water that has been mixed or not pure anymore.
As we know, the water rose was already known since the first has tremendous benefits for skin beauty face or hair. The use of rose water on a regular basis can be trusted to help make the skin become white glow, smooth and moist. Even this rose water can also be a toner that works to help refresh the skin.
How to Make Water Rose Alone at Home
Well, so much the benefits of rose water is not it? therefore it does not hurt if you occasionally make rose water alone at home than to buy. Quiet, how to make rose water is very easy and not too hard so I’m sure you can make it at home.

How to Make Water Roses at Home

1. Prepare to taste fresh rose petals that have been washed clean
2. Then boil water using a pan as much as 2-3 cups, waiting until boiling
3. When the water is boiling then input rose petals
4. Simmer over low heat, let it run until the color of pale rose petals.
5. After that turn off the stove and wait until the stew to cool. Do not open the lid of the pot
6. Once cool, put the pot into the refrigerator and allow up to 24 hours. Remember, make sure that the lid of the pot is not open.
7. When it is 24 hours in the refrigerator then and only then open the lid on the pot and strain the water rose into the bottle airtight.
8. If you want to water the roses can last a long time then try to always keep it in the refrigerator.
9. Finish, rose water ready for use anytime
Note: Try to boil rose petals with distilled water in order to maximize results, if no distilled water then you can replace it with RO water.

How to Use Rose Water for Face and Hair

1. As Toner
For those of you who want to take advantage of this rose water as it is very easy toner is enough to shed a rose water on cotton and then brush on the skin of the face evenly. When used regularly it will make your skin becomes moist and fresh. In addition, this rose water can also be used as a facial cleanser when we finished the move in the afternoon.
2. As Face Masks
You can also use rose water as a mask for the face. We can mix rose water with some other natural materials in order to maximize results. One of the natural ingredients we can mix it with rose water and then used as a face mask is white eggs. A mixture of egg white and rose water is a very powerful tool to help moisturize and brighten the skin.
How to make this mask is very easy you just mix the live white chicken egg with one tablespoon of rose water and then toss to two ingredients are well blended, then use as a face mask.
In addition to egg whites, you may also mix rose water with orange peel. The way is also very easy that is dry orange peel first and then if it is dry then milled until smooth. Well, then mix the orange peel that has been refined with a scoop of rose water and use as a mask. Leave the mask is attached to your face for 15 minutes and after that rinse with clean water
3. For Hair
Rose water can also help maintain healthy hair. To do that, you can simply set up half a small bucket of water and then enter 1-2 tablespoons of rose water into the water. The use of water as a hair rinse when you are done shampooing. If you do this regularly then your hair will look shinier and softer.
That’s how to make rose water at home. How, is not it? rather than having to buy it would not hurt if you try to make it yourself occasionally.

Differences in car engine with the fuel system of gasoline and diesel

By Cars

Currently the system has two vehicle gasoline engines and diesel engines. Any difference between the gasoline fuel system with vehicles using diesel fuel systems. Diesel cars we know the vehicle engine that uses gasoline and engine vehicles using diesel fuel or diesel. What are the advantages and disadvantages of two fuels. How does the system work fuels gasoline and diesel fuel / diesel. For ordinary people the possibility engines distinguish more confused.

Basically, both the fuel system that uses gasoline and diesel is almost similar. Engine vehicles (cars) function converts chemical energy into mechanical energy (energy of motion) which in turn drive the piston is transmitted to the wheels, so that all four wheels of the car to move forward or backward. See how to park the car into reverse .


The fundamental difference between the gasoline engine and the diesel engine is the explosion in the combustion chamber (combustors):

Mobil petrol fuel: gasoline mixed with clean air in the carburetor system and then sprayed into the combustion chamber and compressed (compressed) by a piston which is then ignited by sparks issued by a spark plug.

Car diesel fuel: compressed air (compressed) first and then fuel injected. Air experiencing compression into heat which is then burned diesel fuel (diesel oil). There is one thing that may be surprising, because the diesel engines do not require spark plugs. In the latest generation of petrol cars introduced fuel injection system previously used carburetor. Learn how to work the system injection petrol cars .


But the car diesel fuel and gasoline at the same car using a four stroke combustion cycle (four-stroke engine), namely:

  1. The intake stroke: When the intake valve opens, the piston moves down and perform step suction.
  2. Compression stroke: when the piston moves upward perform compression (compress).
  3. Combustion (stroke): When the piston moves upward almost reached the peak (when appropriate) fuel injected and there was burning, but it is more accurately described the explosion and consequently the piston is pushed down rapidly.
  4. Flue gases: Piston back up and get rid of gas toward the exhaust and suction re doing.

Movement of No. 1 to 4 referred to as a four-step and movement is very fast. The fuel system on a car is often referred to as the internal combustion due to take place indoors (combustion chamber).

Mobil petrol Car diesel fuel
A low level of fuel efficiency High level of fuel efficiency
Fuel wasteful More efficient fuel
Smooth engine vibrations A larger engine vibrations
using plugs Do not use spark plugs
often problematic rarely troubled
For small vehicles For large vehicles
Volume Engine (CC) smaller Volume Engine (CC) is greater
Using a small ampere battery Using a larger ampere battery
Price cheaper vehicles The price is more expensive vehicle
Easy machine maintenance Machine maintenance more difficult

The level of gasoline car fuel efficiency is relatively lower when compared to the level of car fuel efficiency of diesel, because diesel compression more perfect. Thus of course the use of diesel fuel becomes more efficient. However, diesel cars require fuel injection system more perfect. Due to the diesel cars have a better level of efficiency, the vibration and engine noise are also more rugged.

Because they have more complete combustion, the metal material used in diesel cars is also charged nicer and heat resistance, so that the price of diesel cars is also on top of the price of petrol cars. Likewise, larger diesel car engines, so it must use a larger battery anyway.

Because diesel cars have great power, the diesel fuel is most suited to the kind of large vehicles such as trucks and buses. It is inconceivable if the truck wearing a gasoline fuel, using petrol of course is very large and it was a waste.

Download Cheat 8 Ball Pool Long Line Long Line Gallery

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Game 8 ball pool is one of the most widely facebook game in the interest of many Facebook users, this game played online with any Facebook user. 8 ball pool hack for beginners may be slightly feel difficulty in entering all the balls especially when faced with playing a formidable opponent.

8 ball pool cheat latest 1

Well for beginners and long play but often lost, now you do not have to worry anymore we will use underhanded way in order to continue to win by using Cheat 8 Ball Pool Line Length (Long Line) , with this cheat then the target line will be long so allows us to put the ball-ball.


Oh yes do not cheat excessively sorry later if your opponent lose hold, sin borne admin is not responsible if things happen that are not in want. OK do not need much ado directly, we see that the necessary steps below.

Download Program below to cheat line (long line) Cheat 8 ball pool:

  • Download Cheat Engine first direct search or search on google aja ya (recommended to use the most recent version)
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Tutorial How to Use 8 Ball Pool Cheat Line Length:

  1. Download Cheat Engine (if already downloaded directly installed first)
  2. Download 8 Ball Pool Cheat above
  3. Immediately, login via facebook account is yours and instantly play games 8 Ball Pool
  4. Once you get in the lobby, do not directly play but enable cheat advance
  5. Open 8 Ball Pool hack cheat, and select only the process of browsing Select: FlashPlayerPlugin (Firefox win 7) and plug-container.exe (firefox win Xp). The use of other browsers to please find yourself tutorials
  6. If you have click the Apply Button, then wait until the process is complete
  7. Now the cheat is active please you to play, enjoy.


Yupz for facebook mania game finished already tutorial Cheat 8 Ball Pool Long Line Target Line Length , do not forget to share your closest friends, to cheat other games continue to update.

How to Eliminate Mucus in the throat with Ease

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Tips or to remove mucous in the throat of the following may be very helpful especially for those who often experience. You’ve experienced the presence of the throat mucus or phlegm in the throat. At the time of experience, would be very disturbing comfort and your activities. Therefore, as far as possible you can avoid things that can cause the mucus in the throat.

There are various factors that can cause mucus in the throat, these factors mainly caused by the entry of germs such as bacteria or viruses that infect the respiratory tract. Besides the mucus in the throat can also be caused due to unhealthy environment, dust, smoke, fumes of motor vehicles, weather factors, and food allergies.

How to Eliminate Mucus in the throat with Ease

People who experience a slimy throat usually feel itchy throat, coughing, and breathing becomes impaired. In addition, the mucus in the throat is often accompanied by other symptoms such as fever, headache, muscle pain, and decreased appetite. This is because the germs that infect the respiratory tract.

The presence of mucus in the throat of course makes the airway is not smooth so it needs to be cleaned. By removing the mucus, the breathing becomes more fight and feels more comfortable. Everyone is at risk of developing throat mucus, both children, adults, and the elderly. Circumstances can be worse if the person suffers from a chronic disease that is associated with the respiratory tract, such as tuberculosis, pneumonia, asthma, bronchitis, and so forth.

How to Eliminate Mucus in Throat Naturally

To get rid of mucus in the throat, can use natural way. This natural way in addition to secure, also have properties that powerful and certainly more cost even no cost. Various ways to eliminate mucus in the throat that you can try include the following:

  1. Mucus / phlegm

How to remove mucus in the throat of the most easily is the way out. The trick is to do a proper cough or cough that is often referred to as effective. How to conduct an effective cough is quite easy, that you sit in an upright body position and then prepare a tissue or a container that will be used to collect sputum. Then breathe a deep breath through your nose, hold for a while, and remove it slowly through the mouth. Repeat the breathing exercise for two times. Then in uptake third breath, inhale a deep breath through your nose, hold it until three counts, then batukkan strongly two or three times in a row without taking a breath. At the time of coughing, remove mucus / sputum in a tissue or containers that have been set up.

  1. Ginger

Ginger is one of the types of herbs are believed to cure various diseases, especially of the respiratory tract. So drinking ginger is to remove mucus in the throat as well as to cure cough. How to make the ginger concoction prepared two segments of ginger, wash thoroughly and digepuk so that more fresh aroma out. Enter ginger in a cup of hot water, and add a little sugar as a sweetener. Wait a while until the water is not too hot, then drink this ginger concoction while warm. Drinking regularly 2 times a day, the mucus in your throat will quickly disappear.

  1. Lime

Drinking lemon juice is one way of eliminating mucus in the throat effective. Because besides being able melaegakan refreshing and throat, the content of vitamin C in the lemon able to increase endurance so as to repel the bacteria that causes mucus / phlegm in the throat. How to make it very easy, prepare a lemon and then squeeze the water and mix in one cup of hot water. Add sugar or honey to taste, and drink while warm.

  1. Mint leaves

Mint leaves far has been frequently used as an ingredient in cough medicine phlegm diluent. Therefore, the efficacy of the leaves of this one is certainly not in doubt. How to remove mucus in the throat by using mint leaves are preparing several mint leaves were washed thoroughly and then mix in a glass of hot water. Wait a moment so pervasive, then drink while warm.

  1. Garlic

How to remove mucus in the throat the next one is with garlic. As we all know garlic is one of the plants that are beneficial to health because it contains a natural antibiotic. Garlic was also effective to eliminate the mucus in the throat. It is very easy, you can immediately consume a clove of raw garlic regularly three times a day. The content of antibiotics in garlic can be optimally kill bacteria that cause throat mucus, as well as warm and slightly spicy flavor can also help relieve throat.

  1. Expand the fluid intake

Increase intake of fluids is also a way to eliminate phlegm in the throat because it can thin the mucus in the throat, as well as launch the body’s metabolism. By increasing fluid intake can also increase endurance, so speeding up the healing process of inflammation in the throat. Perbanyaklah cup of warm water to remove mucus in the throat and respiratory relief.

  1. Turmeric

Turmeric is an herbal plant species are known to have health benefits because it contains antibacterial compounds and can boost immunity. Herb turmeric is also effective for eliminating mucus in the throat. How to remove mucus in the throat using turmeric is by setting up several sections of turmeric, peeled and washed clean. After that turmeric grated and extorted to take water. Combine the juice of turmeric in half a glass of hot water and add honey to taste as a sweetener. Wait a moment, then drink while warm.

  1. steam therapy

To get rid of mucus in the throat, you can also use steam therapy. The trick is to prepare hot water in a basin or pan. Mix a few drops of eucalyptus oil in the water. Then bring your face on the container / bowl, and breathe naturally. Then automatically the hot water vapor is mixed with the scent of eucalyptus oil will enter into your respiratory tract. Steam therapy is a way to remove the mucus in the throat effectively so that breathing becomes relieved.

After learning how to remove mucus in the throat as has been described above, you also need to know the preventive measures to avoid the slimy throat. The preventive measures, among others, with the emphasis on eating fruits and vegetables to increase endurance, exercise regularly, and create a clean environment.

Also avoid smoking and stay away from cigarette smoke, and wear a mask when in crowds to prevent transmission or when in areas that contain air pollution. Wearing a mask is also recommended when you are traveling by motorcycle or when cleaning up at home / environment to avoid dust or contamination. If the mucus in your throat stubborn and even arise symptoms get worse, then you should consult a physician in order to know the cause and get proper medical treatment.

8 Ball Pool Hack For Free with Instructions and Features

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The 8 Ball Pool hack for free is already out now in this website. Who doesn’t know this game? A very sophisticated graphic will never let you go out from 8 Ball Pool game. It has been proven that many people are playing this game. This is one of the must-have games in smartphone users these days. Boys and girls are fighting each other to win the game and tournaments. Moreover, they also compete with other players to reach the highest ranks in the game. Where do you think the top or highest ranking players get those coins?

Ball Hack 3


This 8 Ball Pool hack for free has several key features that you shouldn’t ignore after all. My hack offers the gamers with unlimited hack of coins and cashes. If you are still unsatisfied, you can repeat the same instructions to hack the resources once again. It means that my hack truly unlimited. Secondly, some hacks may contain surveys or human verifications. You won’t see those issues while using my hack. It is absolutely free from such annoying system. Last but not least, it is undetectable. The server won’t see anything wrong with your account even though you have used this hack for several times.

How to Use?

To use this 8 Ball Pool hack for free, you have to check the online generator page firstly. After that, you can go entering the username. This hack doesn’t ask you for password. Please remember this in order to avoid any malware or suspicious activity. Then, enter or adjust the cash amounts that you really need. Do the same thing with the coin amounts. Click on the hack button and wait for couple minutes later. The system may collect and confirm the data that you have added on the generator. At last, log in your 8 Ball Pool hack game and see on the top right of it.

Moviestarplanet Hack Android with Easy Tutorial and Beginner Questions

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This MovieStarPlanet hack android is pretty important for you MSP account. If you don’t know what MSP or MovieStarPlanet is, it is one of popular games on Android, Windows, and iOS phones these days. The game leads you to create an avatar, and come in a planet with full of entertainments including movies, games, and many more. You can create, manage, and style your avatar with bunches of accessories or items. In addition, you can also interact with other players all over the world as well. This is easy if you hack the game with full of diamonds, fame and star coins!


How to Hack MovieStarPlanet?

I have simple and easy way to use MovieStarPlanet hack android. Firstly, open the generator page on this website. If you need apk file, you should download it first. I assume that you use the hack generator page. Secondly, choose the type of your smartphone. Are you a user of iOs or Android? Pick the appropriate option. Thirdly, you can fill the next selection with the numbers of diamonds that you want to add into your account. The next selection is the VIP membership. Choose wisely whether you need a month, three months or even a year. Last but not least, you must enter the username. Ensure you have entered the same letters or numbers of your username.


There are absolutely many questions that you will ask before or after using my MovieStarPlanet hack android above. I would try to include here one by one. First off, why do you need wait the hacking process? It is because the server should input the data that you have entered. Then, the system will be matching the data and your username before it adds the resources. The second question is that what if the hack doesn’t work? The answer is simple. You can try again to enter the data on the generator hack.