The facade of the house Modern Minimalist Modern and Artistic

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Best Home Decor Ideas Picture and Sofa .Until the end of 2016, the trend of modern minimalist house still survive, and expected, this trend will remain there until 2017. However, a variety of interior and exterior in the area began to appear. Among these is the facade of a modern house minimalist who adopted the style of the exterior in the countries four seasons, namely the outer wall coatings alias siding . However, homeowners in the country using siding more for artistic purposes.

Modern minimalist house with siding mixture (HomeAdore - Pinterest)

The facade of the house Modern Minimalist Trend Latest

Well, if you’re looking for inspiration facade minimalist style for a residential exterior areas of your dreams, here is the style of siding that you can adopt.


Siding bearish pattern with a vertical line is a viable option if you want to ‘juggle’ the outside look of your home without having to incur huge costs and does not require a long time. Siding like this is more easily done, since the pattern rough and the process is not so complicated and detailed. You can install siding on the facade of the front and side of the house to the limit of the window frame.

As shown in the picture above, you can choose siding with matching color with the roof of the house and combine it with a light-colored wall paint. The impression that appear very natural and simple, but does not eliminate the artistic side of the house. You can also circuitry natural stone reliefs on the porch pillars.

Full Siding

In countries 4 seasons, siding usually used to protect the walls from the effects of extreme weather, such as snow. Protective wall is generally installed around the house to protect the entire surface of the wall. Well, you can also adopt it by installing relief on around the house. Obviously, it takes a greater cost and a longer time to process. However, the results obtained will be comparable to the capital that you spend. Situs Judi Bola

You can choose siding with coarse or fine motif. As shown in the picture above, siding subtle motifs certainly more complicated, but the result is more artistic. Choose a horizontal motif to provide a longer effect on the appearance of the facade of modern minimalist home . However, if you want a higher effect, then select vertical siding motif.

Mixed Siding

The next option is to use the siding of several different materials. The most popular material for siding, among others, exposed brick, natural stone, wood, metal, and vinyl. If your home has two floors, you can divide the display house into two or more different segments through the use of different siding materials.


Siding made of natural stone commonly used in homes-European country-style. Natural stone gives a natural look in your dwelling, because it is easy to blend with the natural surroundings. Natural stone is durable in any weather. However, natural stone also requires regular maintenance so that no moss, especially if frequently exposed to rainwater. In addition, natural stone siding require a greater cost.

You can install siding on the facade partly minimalist modern home, if your goal is only to enhance the appearance of the house. For example, you can put it on a pole porch, the front wall of the house around the window frame, or one of the dominant wall in the front of the house.

Of course, each of the materials you use to decorate the display facade modern minimalist house has its own advantages and disadvantages. Make sure you choose carefully, according to weather conditions, rainfall, and humidity in the area where you live. Ask the expert opinion to give consideration, so that you do not choose the wrong.

How to Choose the Right Laptop Gaming

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Laptop is a mini device from the computer. Laptop has many advantages if with computers, but laptops are also definitely has its drawbacks. Well this time we will try to give you tips on how to choose the right laptop gaming.

Games are already worldwide today, plus many online games that have sprung up. Suppose Dota online games and many other games. Actually, what’s in it from playing games that ?? Playing the game is no positive effect and there is also a negative impact. For more details, friends can read articles about the positive and negative effects of online gaming .

How to Choose the Right Laptop Gaming

laptop is the most widely used media for playing games today. Laptop has the advantage of light and easy to carry anywhere. This makes many computer users switched to using a laptop to play games. When we use the computer to play games, then it is likely we will be kept at home or continue. But by using a laptop, we can play as a group in one place.

Laptops used to play games that are not arbitrary. There are special specifications needed to be able to run a game to the fullest. Each game requires a laptop specifications that vary, ranging from laptop with specs moderate and even some that need a laptop specs high, eg game Dota and PES games.

Laptops for the game does not have to be new, it could also use a second hand laptop with specs still unreliable. It all depends on the budget and own. Laptop used laptop that does not mean it is bad, it’s just that the laptop had been used by the previous person. So we recommend that if you want to buy a used laptop to play games, peruse the first, ranging from hardware, and software performance. Or you can bring your friends understand more about the world of computers and laptops. And if friends want to consult with us, can advance by sending a consultation through the contact form that we have provided. Agen Judi Online

This time we will be kind enough to give some tips on choosing the right gaming laptop to suit your needs. Beikut tips:

1. More thoroughly and more carefully choose the GPU

If you are looking for a laptop for gaming needs, then one of the components that need special attention are the GPU (Graphic Processing Unit). GPU has a very important role is as a 3D graphic processing digame that you play. So make sure that you choose a laptop with a GPU of the best, the greatest, and the processing of data faster.

For the moment there are two leading vendors GPU is the most widely used by gamers, namely AMD and Nvidia.

And there’s one more vendor GPU are well known, namely Intel. As it is known that not a few laptops equipped with Intel’s GPU. Only Intel GPU is more geared for productivity and work activities. So if you are for gaming purposes, you should not choose a laptop that uses Intel’s GPU.

If there are some laptops on the list of your choice as a gaming laptop, make sure that you choose a laptop with highest GPU series. For example, a laptop with a GeForce GTX 990M GPU will be a better choice when compared to laptops that use the GeForce GTX 880M GPU, and so on. 2. CPU is important but not a priority

For a gaming laptop, the GPU is a component that becomes the highest priority. Actually, the CPU is also important, it’s just that for a gaming laptop position is not sekrusial GPU.

CPU is clocked faster with more cores which of course will be much more powerful if used for video editing, photo editing, and even animation design. But if for gaming during the CPU meets the system requirements of a game, then the excess of the CPU performance will not be so affect the smooth running of the games being played.

For example, look at the Alienware notebook. Alienware bottom using the Intel Core i5 dual-core 2.6GHz, in the middle of using the Intel Core i7 quad-core 2.9GHz, and at the top using the Intel Core i7 quad-core 3.1GHz.

For the price of Alienware with a 3.1GHz processor reaches 10 million more expensive than the 2.9GHz series, and is an upgrade that is less necessary. Alienware with a 2.9GHz processor can run almost all popular game today.

Back again on your goal to buy a laptop, if your goal memebli laptop just for the game, then you are expected to be wise in choosing the series of processors, so what? so that the budget does not swell and certainly could be diverted to other components that take priority.

3. Use large-capacity RAM, 8GB is enough.

Be sure how much RAM capacity sufficient to fit your needs. Many people who buy the RAM up to 16GB capacity to play the game, because hope to get maximum performance when playing games. This method is not wrong, just that you are expected to maximize the budget. Actually, this time with a capacity of 8 GB of RAM is enough to play a lot of games. Even if you use 16GB of RAM will probably give more benefit if used to play games that are popular today.

4. Use the SSD, because it can improve performance

Actually, for a gaming laptop should not be using SSD (Solid State Drive), but using the SSD will be able to improve the performance of laptop gaming khsusunya for the load and speed of the game.

As it is known that it has been using the SSD memory chip and does not use a mechanical plate as well as on the hard drive. SSD will generate speed read-write data much faster than disk.

But keep in mind also that the SSD will not create a frame rate of the game is faster, but it can make a game that you play to be more responsive because of its read-write process is very fast.

You should also take into account a lot of storage is needed, because the price is very expensive SSD with a capacity that can be said is still very small. You may also like ANDROID GAMES NEWEST AND MOST POPULAR 2016

Tips and How to Grow Ornamental Plants / Flowers In Pot

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Choose potted plants and growing media in accordance with the plant that we will potkan. Pot also be adapted to where and how the pot is placed. When the pot and the media who have been prepared are available, make sure the pot has drainage holes are sufficient. Load the media approximately 1/3 of the pot. enter the plant, try the original media still attached to the plant, so that the plants do not experience stress while adapting to the new media.

Read here: Hidroponik

Add again the growing medium, while the plant continues to hold with one hand. After nearly full, media press gently with your thumb so that plants can stand firm. Pot should not be filled to the brim, leaving about 2 cm from the lip pot for easy time doing the watering.

After pengepotan finished, wash the plant sufficiently. The outside walls and the bottom of the pot is cleaned of dirt and planting medium is still attached before it is placed in the desired place.
Exactly how Irrigation

1. Some ways to water the potted plants in the room, namely:

Water supplied through the pedestal pot. In this way the water will seep upward into the planting medium through capillary system. Advantages of media is not too wet, but the water supply is guaranteed. To help the infiltration of water into the planting medium should be attached ropes from the media to pass through the drainage hole pedestal pot.Agen Taruhan Bola
Water is given directly to the growing media. In this way water can be sprayed directly on the surface of growing media and can also be through a pipe that is plugged into the planting medium. Try not spray water directly on the plants.
2. The best time to plant watering is in the morning at about 7 -10 (afternoon also ok).

3. One of flowers, ornamental and horticultural / fruit suitable planted in the home page is:

Plants Bougenville. The plant is in addition to a form that is beautiful, easy to live, can be modified flower color and also serves as a dust filter for home kita.Selain that this plant is not too large and the roots did not damage the fence or the wall of the house because of its roots which softly but strong. If the pages are huge, in my opinion a very nice palm tree and can create a beautiful impression / beautiful. for small plants, many of which can be planted example: orchids, roses, jasmine, Alamanda, hibiscus, etc.

Shade plants . Mango tree easy care, suitable for shade, and of course can be enjoyed its fruits. Trees shade created a “climate” micro, so the wind that went into the yard and into the house will be cooler because it has got bulir2 water vapor, mango is one which the tree canopies right as shade.

Plants Absorbing Toxins . Ornamental plants and flowers which have a function as an absorbent of toxins, among others: the tongue-in-law, chrysanthemum, aloe vera, sansiviera, buggy, aglonema, banyan. Even tongue-in-law was able to absorb heavy metals such as lead are the most dangerous in the air.
4. Type aglonema very suitable to be planted around the house for smokers because any kind of aglonema, besides being able to absorb CO2 also can absorb nicotine well.

Mosquito Repellent Plants (ogud already discussed in the health forum) . Plants that serve as decoration at once repellent, among other things, basil, shit kotok, suren, zodia, geranium, rosemary and tembelekan. Which can be used as a natural mosquito repellent topical example, ylang-ylang, lavender and catnip. Mosquitoes do not like some of these plants because removing undesirable compounds can even be deadly mosquitoes.
“More and more planting ornamental plants in the yard mosquito repellant and a garden house, the less our reliance on chemical-based mosquito repellent”.

And do not forget to also use Plant Catalyst 2006 fertilizer complement that contains a complete nutrient (macro + micro). It is a catalyst and play a role in mengefektifkkan and optimizing plants absorb the fertilizers major from the soil and from the basic fertilizer (urea, SP-36, KCl , ZA, manure)
Why Plant Catalyst 2006?

– Nutrients complete (macro + micro)

– Completing the nutrient needs of plants that are not provided by the basic fertilizer NPK

– Plants are healthier and more resistant to pest attack

– Improving productivity and quality of plant (number of tillers, production, rendemen / quality)

– Environmentally friendly (bio-degradable) and crops free from elements of heavy metals and carcinogenic

Photo Ornamental Plants World’s Most Expensive

By Herbal

Tanaman hias daun ,Call it Julia rose or rose juliet , ornamental plants has beauty and uniqueness in color flowers. People who see will certainly immediately fell in love with one species of ornamental plants most expensive this.

Adenium most expensive, the most expensive ornamental plants in 2015, this time the most expensive ornamental plants, ornamental plants highest price in 2013, in 2013 the most expensive ornamental plants, ornamental plants in the house, ornamental plants, ornamental plants hanging

Well just for the appearance of the flower most expensive this.

Adenium most expensive, the most expensive ornamental plants in 2015, this time the most expensive ornamental plants, ornamental plants highest price in 2013, in 2013 the most expensive ornamental plants, ornamental plants in the house, ornamental plants, ornamental plants hanging
One Of The World’s Most Expensive Ornamental Plants

Juliet rose hybri This includes the type of tea. Definition of hybrid tea according to wikipedia: Roses are ideal for cut flowers because the stem can produce 5 to 6 flowers. Flowers are large and graceful, have petals compactus and edges slightly folded outwards.

Some sources say that the interest this one is very rare in the world, even D.Austin in his research to the point that takes 15 years to breed roses juliet it to be shown to the world community.
Still according to the same source said that this interest cost is very pantastis reached USD 5.8 million. wow …. cool .. hehe. Please those who want to buy, ntar I catch up


heat-resistant plants for the garden, the plants resistant to heat and rain, heat-resistant fruit trees, the sun’s heat resistant crops, ornamental plants resistant to heat and rain, heat strong ornamental plants, ornamental plants waterproof, ornamental plants for hot regions
Heat Resistant Ornamental Plants

If you look at the films of Europe that we know the cold climate region, it will show a lot of pine trees grow. But make no mistake, it turns fir can also thrive in the area or areas with hot weather. so we can conclude that this evergreen ornamental plants able to survive in any weather condition.


heat-resistant plants for the garden, the plants resistant to heat and rain, heat-resistant fruit trees, the sun’s heat resistant crops, ornamental plants resistant to heat and rain, heat strong ornamental plants, ornamental plants waterproof, ornamental plants for hot regions
Heat Resistant Ornamental Plants

Yup … absolutely right, we see a lot of cactus plants growing in desert areas or dry. This cactus can live a long time even in the absence of water. Extreme hot weather does not make him dead.


heat-resistant plants for the garden, the plants resistant to heat and rain, heat-resistant fruit trees, the sun’s heat resistant crops, ornamental plants resistant to heat and rain, heat strong ornamental plants, ornamental plants waterproof, ornamental plants for hot regions
Heat Resistant Ornamental Plants

Trees are very popular on the island of Bali is able to withstand the hot weather. Conversely, if too much water will actually make these plants quickly die. In a previous article ( type Ornamental Plants Roots Popular ) This plant is categorized as an ornamental plant popular roots, so after reading this article we can conclude that Cambodia is a popular ornamental plant roots are heat resistant .


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Nowadays android smartphone is popular to be my friend use to do everything.

Not only for communication but also for doing office work, predict the weather, and even can be used as a guide rapid somewhere.

The latest android games
But what if my friend does not want to do things like that?

Buddy would rather spend precious time pal to play the game.

Well, for that I have prepared some games android latest and most popular buddy who can play on android pal.

It is very difficult to pick a few games on the google android PlayStore. It is like we are looking for a needle in a haystack, it’s hard is not it?

Because each year game developers in PlayStore launched a lot of new games for android like puzzle games, sports, and strategy games.

For that I’ve tried some of the newest and most popular android games in the PlayStore.

There are some android game that does have graphic images that are high, high performance that could spoil the eyes of my friend and certainly can drain the battery android pal too.

And also there are some android game the most simple and suitable if only in use for taking time friend have.

The latest and most popular android games
In the selection of the most popular android game, there are things that really surprised me.Games that used to only be run on the computer alone was now available for android.

That proves that the android smartphone is perfect for my friend who love to play games.

No need to linger longer, yuk we just see a list of android games newest and most popular2016’s:

1. Clash Royale
The latest android games

Buddies fans of the game Clash of Clans?

There ya latest news. The developers of the game Clash of Clans is supercell is now creating a new android game that is very similar to Clash of Clans.

The game is Clash Royale. This game combines two genres of games are war games and card games. Buddy is required to set the cards as possible in order to win the war.

Interestingly characters in use in game Clash Royale is exactly the same as the character in the game Clash of Clans.

Well, certainly very exciting game this clash royale. Let alone for multiplayer would have been very nice to be playing games against close friends.

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Game latest android can already be downloaded for free on google play because a game that previously could only be played on IOS , now it’s official release on google play.

Clarification Corrugated Board

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Clarification Corrugated Board,pabrik karton box Based on the number of walls (Wall) Karto wave can be classified into 4 parts.

1. Corrugated Singgle Face

Corrugated sheets Singgle face kartonj That wave consisted of a single sheet of liner and a layer of wave (Fluting). singgle face is usually used as protective items such as furniture or timber industries results in the pack in the packaging box that the saatproses shipping goods in containers of goods are not scuffed and to the hands of customers in good condition. In addition to such use, has now developed a type of corrugated board boxes that use layers of offset printing paper. Box offset printing using singgle face laminated with paper Coated duplex / boxboard / ivory board or artboard.

2. Corrugated Singgle wall

Corrugated cardboard sheets Singgle Wall is a wave consisting of two sheets of liner and 1 layer wave (flutting). Singgle Wall is a sheet of corrugated board is the most widely used for packaging products that do not need protection too big as instant noodles, mineral water and snacks etc Bandar Judi.

3. Corrugated Double Wall

Corrugated double wall corrugated board sheet is composed dari3 liner sheet and two layers of wave consists of three pieces of liner and second layers of wave (flutting). Double Wall usually much in use as KKG (paper Karto waves) for goods that require great protection such as cooking oil in plastic packaging (Pouch), Margarine, and large enough goods such as televisions, refrigerators etc.

Also Usefull article : Tips and How to Grow Ornamental Plants / Flowers In Pot

4. Corrugated Triple Wall

Corrugated Wall ie triple corrugated board sheet consisting of four sheets of liner and 3 layers of wave (fulling). Triple wall is not widely used because besides the price is expensive also not a lot of stuff that need packaging as strong as triplle wall. if there is usually used as a triple wall pallet so that the items in the store are not damaged. In general, there is no Corrugator machine which has 3 units flutting in one production line, therefore the manufacture of triple wall typically by combining two sheets which singgle wall with double face.

Pursuant OF FLUTE its corrugated board can differentiate into, Flute wave height (MM) jumblah wave permeter Sheet Thickness (mm)

A.                4.8                  118                        +/-5

B.                 2.7                  168                        +/-3

C.                 3.7                   128                       +/-4

D                  1.2                    316                       +/1,5

The differences of each type of flute can diliat based on the height and number of waves per meter, characteristics of each type of flute:

a. Flute A :

A flute as originally used as a packaging for goods from glass. Flute of this type have the nature of padding (cushioning) very good, because the cushions were able to reduce power compression occurs at the time of packing in stacks.

b. Flute B

For products that have been packed in cans, or products that do not require too high a bearing such as notebooks, Continuous Form, Photocopy paper, etc., is more appropriate to use a slightly cheaper B. apart flute, Flute resistance of this type has a flat press (flat Crush ) higher than flute A.

c. Flute C

Flute C was made as an approach to obtain high power pads like the flute A, but have the power to press the flat well as flute B, in addition to better conserve paper usage medium.

d. Flute E

Flute E is made in lieu of solid fiber board, with the power of a relatively similar but lighter and cheaper.

Coc Playing Tips For Beginners You are, It Is Perfect For You is the new Start Playing Games section, so you do not have to Worry!

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Tips to play coc  for beginner to intermediate level is very interesting to see before you play this game. Are you a gamer? If so, you must already know the game coca or abbreviation of Clash of Clans. Yes, this game is already familiar in the ears of the game lovers either using a smart phone or laptop. However, for those of you who are unfamiliar with this game, you do not need to worry because here will explain what it is and how coc tips coc play for beginners. Bro and Sis’s Breaking News, do not miss the latest games supercell is no less excited and she called Clash of Clan, the Clash Royale . Immediately, read Tips Playing Strategy Clash Royale that this furor!

coc playing tips, tips for beginners to play coc, play coc tips for beginners, tips play coc th 7 tips to play coc beginners
COC or Clash of Clans is a strategy game that is very interesting for you to test where you have a role as a leader who seeks to build a nice village defensive or attacking other villages. As the name suggests, in this popular game there will be many clan that you will face in this game so this game will make you feel like inside. Before we continue with our tips about Game Clash of Clans, just a reminder that we previously had published an interesting article entitled  Tips to Lose Weight We Give This Will Make You Surprised, because it is very simple but very Strikes Khasiatnya, Proven!


To play this game, you can directly download via the applications in the android, iphone or PlayStore in a gadget yours. but if you want to enjoy it in your laptop can also be done by downloading it first. Then, if there are any tips on playing coc beginners to play this game? of course, to play this game required process especially for those who are beginners. Your role as a leader is great, if you are able to build your village then you can win this game.

Some Fundamental Things that must be addressed as COC Playing Tips

Tips play coc The first is by using gems or premium in-game currency to buy builder. Gems is the currency used in the game. you will get gems if you successfully complete a mission. If you already have gems, gems with good use, you can use it to buy a builder. Do not use gems to shorten the time of making the buildings that you have for buying builder is much more important as more and more workers then you can build more buildings. At the beginning, you will get two free builder, but the builder you get with the third must pay 500 gems, and it is quite difficult to achieve.


Tips play coc second is do not hesitate to attack another village. Of course, the best defense is attack. But keep in mind that you must have a good capital to attack. The main capital of course that is the strength of your troops. If you already have a strong army can attack you just another village to get a Gold or disisni called by Elixr.

By getting Elixr Collector or Gold Mine then you can build up your village quickly. Do not forget, you also have to upgrade Gold Mine and the Collector to accommodate Elixr you get. Use Elixr you get to do the research laboratory. Research laboratory is very important for you to be able to create powerful forces that can defeat your enemies in this game.


Next tips of completing the achievement so that you can add gems you have. way is by stealing Gold or Elixr, get 50 stars, wk-Gold Storage and other upgrades. And tips on playing coc lastly, by joining with other clans. in this way you will get more information so that you become stronger. By sharing troop and get troop then you will be stronger when you are attacked by your enemy in this game.

How exciting is not it? The most important secret tips are our tips first, the Gems used only to purchase Builder and do not use the other. These tips are useful as well as tips on playing coc 7 th or lower than that. For those who are over 8 years old, so we make sure you’re not a beginner anymore hehehe .. dude all do not forget to always visit tips tekonologi in yaa

Idea Make The fireplace in courtyard Garden Home Decor Home

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The fireplace is a favorite place to gather with family. Through the fireplace, we will get a warm atmosphere in the house. Usually the fireplace placed in the home. This will enhance the fun effects. But now is not always the fireplace can be placed in the home, you can also get the feel of the warm outdoors. And, we call it a fire pit. Fire pit fireplace is placed outside the home. Applying a fireplace outside the house will add a warm feel. We’ve prepared some ideas for your picture in designing a fire pit outside your home.


 Making Idea Fireplace Garden Yard House Warmth Fire Pit

First, there are many types of fire pit that fireplace mantel ideas you can choose. The types is a fire pit made of iron, cement, or brick. You can choose one of them according to the theme of the exterior of your home. Then, when you want to get a minimalist theme or modern, you can choose iron fire pit. It can represent the theme of the exterior of your home. Typically, a fire pit made of iron shaped like a table with a couple of iron chairs.

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Then, if the exterior of your home has a traditional theme, you can choose a fire pit made of concrete or brick. This material can provide traditional effects for the exterior of your home. It is an artistic design because it brings the classic accents in your home’s exterior.


Once you decide what kind of fire pit, now you can decorate around a fire pit with some furniture like chairs. The seat has a function to gather with family or friends and feel the warm effect of your fire pit. In choosing a seat for your campfire, you should choose those that suit your fire pit. So, can bring a harmonizing effect in the exterior design of your home.


Recently, a fire pit can be applied at any place on the exterior of your home. You can apply a fire pit around the pool. Of course, it can give a stylish and fun effects to your home decor. Then, if you have a bar outside the home, you can also apply a fire pit. Bar and fire pit will provide an awesome accent to the exterior of your home.


Briefly, these are some image ideas for designing your fire pit. You may consider to select and design them.

That idea Make Fireplace in the garden courtyard house probably could be material ideas for the interior space of your home.see also collection of designs cool houses such as  Bedroom Design Modern Minimalist husband and wife may be useful.

Here’s a more interesting photo you can see below including Idea Makes Fireplace in the garden courtyard house and others.Do not miss to check out all the photos by clicking the thumbnails below.


By Games

 Fiesta Online



Great Online Game Publisher Lyto now has Clash Royale Hack Tool released the latest MMORPG. Fiesta Online Wedding Mode has a feature that allows players to get married with another player. Besides this game provides 5 characters that can be chosen by the player, among others, Fighter, Mage, Cleric, Archer and Trickter.

Tweetmygaming Online RPG Game Fiesta Online


Publisher Lyto also do not want to lose in making the FPS genre games. With features that are different from other FPS games Phantomers comes with a hefty graphics as well. In addition players can also choose 5 different characters, namely Assault, Sniper, Scout, Destroyer and Engineer.

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Dragonica Mobile 

Dragonica Online is a PC game that was popular in Indonesia. By joining LINE Dragonica Online is currently present in the version of android. If you play this game you will be given a choice of 6 characters, Knight, Gladiator, Wizard, Warlock, Thief and Assasins.

  1. Forsaken World
  3. In addition there are also online games Dragonica another PC that is presented in the version of Android. Forsaken World is a 3D game with MMORPG genre that has a different view. With the PVP features and dungeons as well as their mount that makes the player can have a ride, this game is worth a try.
  4. Conquest 3 Kingdoms 
  5. For those who never played the game Dynasty Warrior PS 2 game certainly know the theme of war between the three kingdoms. 3 Kingdoms Conquest is an android online game Real-Time Strategy genre. This game has 3 theme to dominate the government and the whole area around it.
  6. Sky Warrior 
  7. With intense competition online game version of Android, Maingames now trying to put out the fighting game genre MMORPG that has never existed. TOLIONGTO is lifted to the story in this game. Toliongto is the story of two worlds pugilistic Sword of Heaven and Machete Murderer.
  8. Grand Chase 
  9. And the last is Grand Chase, a game that was popular in the PC version will be very interesting to play. In this game there are several modes that can be played include Dungeons, Raids Boss, Hall of Heroes, Battle Arena, Wanted and Dimension Crack.

Android Game Reviews About Metal Slug Defense

By Games

Review On Android Game Metal Slug Defense . One of the games that can be said of classic and ever popular in his time and can give pleasure to the is a Metal Slug game. Formerly Metal Slug games have been popular through the platform after PS1 PS1 but lost its popularity so the game Metal Slug also gradually disappear.

 Image result for Metal Slug Defense

To restore the glory of its time, is now back in the game Metal Slug can be played again but this game can only be used on android devices. Developed by SNK Playmore Metal Slug Defense android game has a file size of 44.08 MB and can be downloaded at Google Play Store .

How to play the game Metal Slug Defense is actually almost the same as the game Larva Heroes but in Metal Slug has human characters and bizarre creatures and has a menu that is different from Larva Heroes. Here is a menu-about whatever is on android game Metal Slug Defense.


1. Exit

On the menu this sortie we will be heading to the area for the battle in which each area is composed of at least four locations or stage. Here also there are some events that can be played to add a gold medal at the stars and MSP, and there are maps which is very helpful in finding the right location for us to play.

2 . Customize

In this Customizi custome menu there are three, namely:

  • Home ( Customize)

To increase the strength of the defense on Metal Slug Defense can be done here. That could be improved here is: Sortie Level, Base Level, Speed Development Level, Level Hangar, Production Speed Level, MSP Gain Level, Destruction Bonus Level, Metal Slug Attack Speed Level and Charge Level. Agen Sbobet Terpercaya

  • Unit ( Customize )

Here are useful for increasing the strength of the units we already have or buy at the shop. Units Defense Metal Slug games are: Soldier, 10000000Taro, Mars People Pocket, Sandbag, Mini Hermit, Marco, Parachuetruck, Mini Jupiter King, Allen JR.

  • Deck

On Deck menu we can select any units that will be used. Here are 10 places that we can fill with main units.

3 . Wi-Fi VS

To play the game Metal Slug Defense along with other friends we can look for it here.There is also Rank Match and Friend Match, Friend Match function to invite other players to compete while Rank Match is the ranking that we had.

4 . Option

On the Options menu on the android game, there are three options, namely:

  • Help

Is the help menu of the developer, if we choose this menu then we will be redirected to the official website of the game developers Metal Slug Defense.

  • Language

There are 9 languages that we can use in this game that is American English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish language, languages brazil, french, italian language, Chinese language, and also the Russian language. But rather unfortunate lack of Indonesian in this game.

  • Sound Setting

This menu to turn on and off the sound in the game metal slug .

5 . Shop

Shop On the menu there are also three options that exist therein, namely:

  • Item

To buy an item or equipment on the unit that we play can be found here, the items that are available here include: Value Set, Unlock 1, Radar, Radar x 5, Radar x 10 APLvMAX, APLvMAX x 5, APLvMAX x 10 Reward up x 5 x 10 Reward up, Mobile Satellite, Mobile Satellite x 5, Mobile Satelite x 10.

  • MSP

In this menu we can buy gold in a manner MSP or bought with Achievements. MSP provided here are: 10000, 20000, 80000, 200000, 400000.

  • Unit

To add or buy new units that better can be done here, for assistance unit we can buy, among others: Soldier, Motorbike POW, 10000000Taro, Armor Unit, Mars People Pocket, Sandbag, The Keesi 2, Mini Hermit, Slug Trolley Marco, Parachuetruck, Augenstrem Ver, Mini Jupiter King, Allen JR, R-Shobu Ver F, The Snail House, Hazmat Soldier, Kim, Choi Bounge, Chang Koehan, Samurai Infantry, Forklift, Tiny Ufo, Ring Laser Mecha, Elephant Slug , Jupiter King, Flying Core, Mask Soldier, Mai Shiranui, King, Yuri Sakazaki, Bull Drill, Slug Mobile, Morden Bus, Dararin Dara-dara, Big John, Ryo Sakazaki Robert Garcia, Takuma Sazaki, Crablops and many other units ,

6 . Medal

On the menu this Medal we can buy or medal team using real money purchase.

7 . Free

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We can also get a medal for free by selecting the menu Free. In this menu we will be directed to websites that will provide free medal.

8 . Mission

At Mission menu we can choose secret missions that will we play to earn extra Medal MSP or get more, but here’s mission difficulty level manifold.

To know more about this game is better to directly play due to review Metal Slug Defense game is very long and also this game is very exciting when played. Hopefully a little review About Game Android Metal Slug Defense can provide valuable information in playing games on android.